Friday Update

Still can’t open my mouth very far. Day 10 of this now. I thought I’d be well out of the woods by now. I hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s installment of The Adventures of Tee Bone Man, by 80sMetalMan and art by Harrison.

I’m off the codeine now, but I still can’t open my jaw much more than a centimeter.  Eating is annoying and food has become tedious.

So to combat the tedium, here’s Justin Hawkins, Wolfgang Van Halen, Dave Grohl and Josh Freese playing some Van Halen.



        1. I’m craving a good meal so badly. Last night I could open my jaw a little wider, so we’ll see what tonight brings. I might be OK to chew a little bit, but not a whole meal. It hurts even to talk! Last night I had a counseling appointment but I could only do 40 minutes of the 60. My jaw was aching.

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    1. I might attempt to order some fish and chips this weekend – small bites. At least fish is soft though the batter could cause me problems. I’m craving real food so bad. I’ve lost weight, don’t know if you can see it in my face.

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        1. Oh God. Oh man. Oh God. Oh man. Oh God!!!! That really blows! Thanksgiving and you can’t eat? You should delay and celebrate American Thanksgiving this year.

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        2. Well we’re having dinner with Grandma this weekend no matter what but I think a lot needs to be caught up on, when I’m feeling better. I can’t even have popcorn for a whole month.

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        3. You can celebrate both North American Thanksgivings this year. Fill your tummy with goods this November.


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