Youtubin’: Megaprojects – The Canadian Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve

I’m Canadian and I still never heard of the Maple Syrup Mafia before. For he who controls syrup, controls breakfast. Apparently.  Who know that a syrup shortage was such a concern?  And that there was a strategic reserve of it?

This is an interesting video covering the history and production of maple syrup…and more than you wanted to know!


  1. Ha, I knew that and I’m from Europe. Once watched a documentary on different makers of Mable Syrup. They threw axes a lot too. Not sure anymore what was the actual topic but those 2 were covered. Syrup and axe throwing.

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  2. “Luckily the heist was an intensley Canadian affair. Carried out in secret, mostly at night, and it only ended when the thieves got exceedingly lazy…perhaps they should have left a sign on the empty barrels saying I’m sorry.” So glad I now know Canadians are sneaky, lazy fucks but at least they will constantly apologize for that.
    I’m off to learn about the history of Haggis narrated by an Ethiopian slurring cultural misconceptions throughout.


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