Merry Christmas from Mike and Jen

We finally made it! Merry Christmas to you, and if we’re snowed in and without electricity this Christmas, then rest assured I wish we were somewhere warm!

My fellow creators:

To Harrison: Thank you for being a great collaborative partner and friend.
To Meat: Thank you for continually challenging me, annoying me, and keeping me laughing!
To Aaron: I hope this is the year we meet up again, it has been too long.
To Deke: I’m glad you finally got your Kiss Creatures box set! Enjoy being a grampa in 2023!
To Tee Bone: Thanks for the music and inspiration, as always!
To John T Snow: I pledge not to break into your house and steal all your Moneybag soda!
To Rob Daniels: All the best and I look forward to Grabbing some Racks of Socks in 2023!
To Tim Durling: Can’t wait to see what crazy tapes you acquire in 2023, Merry Christmas dude!
To Marco: Well done on the film, man. You have done an excellent job.
To Mars & Sarah: I hope you enjoy your new digs for many years to come, Merry Christmas!
To Holen: Stay healthy in 2023 and don’t catch anything I wouldn’t want!
To 80sMetalMan: It was a pleasure collaborating this year and I look forward to the next.
To California Girl: I have far, far, far too much to thank you for. Words are not enough. You are an amazing human being that I am lucky to know.
To Jonathan Lee: I am sorry that you came into my life the year that I decided to stop writing about music, but we had a good run didn’t we?
To Geoff: Good luck with your new show, and drop me a line in 2023 please!

To anyone I’ve left out: I am truly blessed to have so many great friends in my life. I love you all.



  1. Merry Christmas. Thank you Lebrain for giving me the avenue to channel my creativity and rekindling my love for creative writing after probably more than a decade of nothing.

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