Grab A Stack of Lego and Heels with Mike & Married And Heels!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike and the Mad Metal Man
Episode 10:  MarriedAndHeels AKA California Girl!

A very special episode today for you Lego lovers, music fans, and connoisseurs of high fashion!  I was planning on taking this Friday off, but then suddenly had the opportunity to tape an episode of Grab A Stack of Rock with good friend MarriedAndHeels on the west coast — also known as California Girl and Edie Van Heelin.  I’ve been working on getting her on the show, and this week everything fell into place.  Unfortunately, Harrison could not make it but he was certainly with us in spirit.  CG rolled out some hot new Lego sets, just released January 1!  Star Wars and Marvel fans, pay attention!

Meanwhile the Australian Mad Metal Man flipped it around, and submitted questions for us!  One for me, one for her, and I hope you like our answers.

Of course music was a topic that we continually circled around, and this is where we may earn some hate.  Hendrix fans, skip past this part.  But one thing we share in common is that we love what we love, and we have our reasons.  What it turns out to be, is that we both tend to love the older tunes the most.  Have I officially become an old fart?  Possibly.  Watch and let me know.  It’s an interesting discussion that we could easily have expanded on.

A big thanks to California Girl for joining me this week.  We’ll have to have her back with Harrison.

Enjoy the episode!  Next week:  Star Trek with Mike, Rob, Tim, Harrison and Kevin “Buried On Mars” Simister!



  1. Just got to the Hendrix part. I know a lot of technical guys that don’t like Hendrix and tell him to tune his guitar, posthumously. There were no Floyd Roses back then, so his bar knocked his guitar out of tune.

    Are you an Allan Holdsworth fan, Mike? I have a feeling you’d love him if you’re into technical guitar. Every great guitar player loves this guy. Eddie Van Halen even got him signed to Warner Bros.

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  2. Five other cats! That sounds like heaven. I only have one.

    Doobie is also a great name for a dog. And as a matter of fact, I do have a Lego husky so we should be able to get something close to them.

    I do also regard myself at being adept at asking the right questions (if I do say so myself).

    I’ve never been a huge Hendrix fan. Agree with CG. But my “All Along The Watchtower” rendition of choice is actually U2’s. Actually, maybe Lenny Kravitz and Eric Clapton’s beats that. Dunno, have to think.

    My favourite guitar player is probably Lindsey Buckingham.

    Wow, I thought the lefties just turned the whole thing upside down and restrung it. Never knew that it was just the neck being flipped.

    I’ve seen a few people with black eyes before. Mine are mostly grey, with a bit of brown in the centre.

    We did have daylight savings here many years ago, but people voted to stop it.

    You are right. Harrison did enjoy watching this episode.

    People complaining about specialised troops in battle packs isn’t new unfortunately. And don’t get me started on people complaining about named characters in battle packs.

    The blue and black bomber would have gone nicely with my blue and black interceptor. Which reminds me that we’re about due another Interceptor soon.

    Keeping the instructions is always the best practice, but if you need to, Lego has a huge database of instruction booklets available on the intrenet.

    Harrison does know. The Justifier is Cad Bane’s ship.

    Don’t worry, I didn’t know the Southern Lights were a thing either until now (if they are even indeed a thing).

    And lastly, Mike is incredibly talented at speaking without moving his lips :)

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    1. I fucked up on the Hendrix. UGH. Now I feel stupid! Wifi issues sucked too.

      However she had to be one of my favourite guests we’ve ever had. Such a super natural chat and interesting too. She’ll be back. I wish my wifi was working better last night.

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    1. Perfect example of why I hate lists and rankings. Marbles at 7? Engine at 8? What was this guy smoking? He has Script at 12, and included a live album. What a goon! Go by my list not his.


  3. I find overly technical players like Vai, Satriani, and YM mostly boring. I lean more toward the Hendrix, BB King, blues players in general appealing. Whoop Dee Do, you can play fast. Give me some emotion! Van Halen and Hendrix had a quality mix of both, IMHO. Vai was fun with DLR though. Is next week old Star Trek or new?

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