Updated Grab A Stack of Rock show intro – Feb 5 2023

I like to periodically update the Grab A Stack of Rock show intro, to include content from the latest episodes. One of my favourite “fun” shots in the old intro was when MarriedAndHeels put her leg/heel up on her desk. Well, her last show had an even better shot, with her doing the same, but now I got her synched up to Tee Bone laughing in the song!  It was a perfect synch, and that shot definitely needs to stay where it is now!

What do you think of the latest version?



  1. I always like those Tbone choruses when he puts his balls in a vice and takes it up a notch vocally. Kinda like Stanley’s singing on the Animalize album. The best example of this is Tbones Living On A Prayer cover which almost shattered his basement windows with his vocals…that tape I have tried t locate but I think he burned it as he doesn’t want it in my hands

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