No Show Tonight – back next week (hopefully)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, folks!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.  Our last show was way back on February 3 with MarriedAndHeels, a great show by most accounts.  I intended to go live the following week and then take a short break, but things got crazy.  One family member had a heart attack, one had Covid, and one had cancer surgery.  All of them are well into recovery now, but that was a lot to absorb in a short period of time.  There were other gut-punches to go along with it, but I think we’re past the worst.

The tentative plan for the next couple weeks is this:

February 24 7:00 PM E.S.T. – the debut of Jex Russell (plus other guests! – Tim?  John?) on a casual episode of Grab A Stack of Rock.  The Mad Metal Man will be with us again!  No topic, just looking at whatever music we have lying around.

March 3 3:00 PM E.S.T. / Noon PacificMarriedAndHeels returns for Round 3!   (No Mad Metal Man this time.) This popular guest has been like a breath of fresh air for the show and she always brings the heat!  We should almost change the name to Grab A Stack of Heels!

See you then?

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  1. Sucks all that crap has happened to your family this month. Happy to hear they’re all on the road to recovery though! If you need your spirits lifted, I feel obliged to inform you that this week’s South Park was Canada-centric.

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