MarriedAndHeels Meets the Mad Metal Man!

What a marathon!  Powering through illness, the California Girl clocked in a full two hour live show on Grab A Stack of Rack!  She’s a runner, she’s a warrior, and she’s a winner — watch this episode for a boatload of inspiration.  We covered a lot of ground here!   Topics such as:

  • A giant box of discs, toys and stuff from Harrison!
  • Music that defines the California she knows and loves.
  • Long Beach!
  • What she would transform into if she was a robot.
  • Who she would sing like if she could.  (Ha, ha.)
  • Boots.
  • Nature, weather, climate, seasons.
  • Travel.
  • Theraflu.
  • Running.
  • Nosy neighbours.
  • Shoe terminology.
  • Iron Maiden.

Thanks to Jex Russell and Harrison the Mad Metal Man for your questions.

Additionally, once again I had the honour of picking out her heels for her next event.  A backyard BBQ with some slightly stuck-up neighbours.  Did we go more conservative, or did we up the sexiness?  You be the judge, but people seemed to like the heels I picked for this party.

Sorry about the audio issues around  the 15 minute mark!



  1. Interesting that Mike chose to go for a beast-former as his pick. I never would have guessed that.

    I wonder, does California Girl hate all of Deep Purple or just Ian Gillan? Rod Evans, Coverdale/Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner are all quite different to Ian.

    No I wasn’t brushing my hair at that time. I didn’t even comb it for this show, unless you count running my fingers through it a few times to arrange it.

    And man, it’s been ages since I heard HBD MMM. Too long. That was good to hear again.

    Don’t colour the brown hair. It looks great as it is. Also, grey hair is awesome. It looks regal and majestic and gives you an aura of wisdom and dignity.

    I had a shit-tonne of bubble wrap on hand. There was no shortage so I wrapped the stuff as much as I could.

    And I first begun work assembling the duplicate mini figure on December 21.


      1. I do hate that I may be bursting your bubble here, but those adjectives were referring to grey hair.

        Not that CG doesn’t deserve to be showered in accolades, just that the adjectives used would be slightly different. Like “awesome”, “compassionate” and “great to be around”

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