New! Improved! Grab A Stack of Rack / Rock Intro Video

I like updating the intro video every couple of shows to include everyone who has been on. This version features a brand new face: John T. Snow’s cat (licensing pending)! It also has more Jex, more MarriedAndHeels, and more dynamics.

No show tonight; as the Covid Chronicles have expressed, I’m tired! But we’ll be back April 7 with Jex Russell and MarriedAndHeels!



  1. Chandler has agreed that you can show him, he would like a box of catnip, some toys and all sent in a nice big box (which is really all he wants to play with anyway).


  2. What software do you use for editing videos? I’ve been trying to do some of that for my band and haven’t been having any luck.

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      1. I think I’m using something like that. It’s whatever came with my computer years ago and I just opened last week.


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