Good Friday Fun with Married And Heels, Mike & Jex! Lego, Music, Heels, Shirts & More!

It was a delight and a privilege to be able to spend my Good Friday with Jex’s Vinyl World and MarriedAndHeels this year!  Spring has sprung and this is what we brought you for your Easter weekend:

  • Cute Easter manicure on the California Girl.
  • New Marvel Lego sets – hot off the presses.
  • Music unboxings from Tim Durling.
  • Movie reviews:  Avatar 2 & Ant Man 3
  • Anticipating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Running a marathon & Jex’s mission.
  • Cottage season & wildlife.
  • Dave Lizmi’s opinion on Night Ranger and “Sister Christian”.
  • A secret that Mike reveals for the first time.
  • Edie Van Heelin’ & Tee Bone Man.
  • Coming up on the Distortion Den.
  • New heels!  Custom designed by Married & Heels herself, and a killer pair of silver boots.
  • New shirts!  Tim’s Vinyl Confessions and Grab A Stack of Rock!

Thank you Jex and California Girl for a wonderful Good Friday loaded with friendship, stories and fun.

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  1. That’s a very cool shirt you have there. I wonder where you got it from? :)
    Looks like it fit better on you than me.

    I was building the new Lego Indiana Jones Well of Souls while watching this.

    Black squirrels are crazy. Tee Bone would now :)

    I personally love lime flavoured water

    I have a significant minifigure collection too :)

    Those are the coolest pair of boots I have ever seen. I spied them on the shelf before during a previous show but they look so awesome up close.

    Now while I am an artist, I’m not a graphic designer. I know a bit of Photoshop but I’m still a novice at Illustrator, which is what I would need to do a logo.

    I think I’ll save the answer to the question for the next time I’m on.

    I use a small brush to dust but I think I have to look into that air duster.

    I tend to be very private as well. It took 3.5 years before even Mike even learned of my love of Lego.

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