Grab A Stack Update

I’m not happy to have to address this, because she’s been a big part of Grab A Stack of Rock for many months.  People are going to notice if she’s not around this summer as we planned, and it was noticed that she missed her usual time slot last week.  It is tremendously unfortunate for me to say that MarriedAndHeels will be focusing on her own content and she will not be on Grab A Stack this summer as we planned.

Grab A Stack of Rock will continue, but without this frequent co-host, it just doesn’t feel the same.  One of the reasons I started doing live streams again was the chance to work with MarriedAndHeels.  We had amazing creative chemistry from day one.  The great work we did together is the proof.

The California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels always advised me to have hope in life, but it seems unlikely that this will change.  I’ll always be grateful for what we accomplished and all the support she gave me.

This is one of her favourite songs.  Thank you to the California Girl for everything.









  1. Still sorry to hear this, Mike. But as the saying goes: When one door closes, another door opens. You have a good support system as well as a good variety of co-hosts and special guests. Grab a Stack of Rock will continue to shine :)

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    1. Well, I’m just happy that I’ve returned to being the second hottest person in your inner circle, behind Harrison.

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