#465: LeBrain Week (Getting More Retro!)

  GETTING MORE TALE (Retro) #465:  LeBrain Week Ah, the 4-O’clock 4-Play, we hardly knew ye! My favourite half-hour of every day used to be 4 PM, on 107.5 Dave Rocks.  The Craig Fee Show.  Craig’s still slinging the rock, but the contest came to an end on April 27, 2012.  It was a fun […]

Rest in Peace, Mrs. LeBrain’s Mom — “Mum”

Some people knew her as “Debbie”.  Some called her “sis”.  Jen called her “mommy”.  Readers here remember her as “Mrs. LeBrain’s Mom”. As for me, she liked it when I called her “Mum”, so that’s what I did. She’s been sick for a little while.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as […]

#626.4: The Big Lists of 2017 Part Four: LeBrain brings the reign

LeBrain’s Top Lists for 2017 2017 was, from almost every angle, a shit year.  Another onslaught of losses in music, entertainment and sports (another list on its own).  2017 was as devastating as 2016, but perhaps all that loss was turned into musical dividends.  Before the year was even half over, I had already found […]