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Friday Test Stream on Grab A Stack of Rock CANCELLED

Streamyard has introduced some new features, so if all goes according to plan, we’ll be going live tonight at 8:00 PM to test ’em out.

If this works, Mike and his cohorts tonight (Jex? Harrison?) will have a casual chat about music, Lego and other goings-on.  Maybe even an unboxing.

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Friday March 17 at 8:00 P.M. E.S.T.  Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook…or elsewhere TBA!


Have you caught all three MarriedAndHeels episodes on Grab A Stack of Rock?

Dear readers and viewers,

I’ve been working hard at growing my YouTube channel, although since my content veers wildly from music, to toys, nature, and Coca-Cola, it’s a little scattershot.  Not the best for promoting a channel, so if you’d be kind enough to subscribe, every little bit helps!  Covering the cost of WordPress and Streamyard is my goal.  My good friend from California, Mrs. MarriedAndHeels, has kindly been advertising her appearances on my show.  But she has over 200,000 fans, so I know not everyone has seen her three episodes on Grab A Stack!  What are you waiting for?

Even if you’re not into high heels or fashion, we cover a lot of ground!  Mostly, we have fun, and we’d love if you checked out our shows together.  Give ’em a like, give ’em a share, it all helps keep my channel and WordPress afloat.

Check out our show trailer below if you’re curious about what we do!


Jan 6 – Show #1

This first show was pre-recorded, a one-hour introduction to one of my favourite cohosts.  1000 people have watched so far!

It was a very Lego-centric episode with a healthy dose of high heels!  She unboxed some new ones exclusively here!



Feb 3 – Show #2

Her first live appearance on Grab A Stack of Rock!  Over 600 views so far.

We covered it all here! Her passion for running, tea and heels! I got to pick out a pair of heels for her next event! An awesome hour and a half of fun.



Mar 3 – Show #3

The planets finally aligned, and MarriedAndHeels met the Mad Metal Mad for the first time! 400 views to date.

An epic unboxing from me, and more heels from her! I had the honour of picking out her heels again, and this time I chose wedges. Hope you like my choice! I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did on this episode.

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MarriedAndHeels Meets the Mad Metal Man!

What a marathon!  Powering through illness, the California Girl clocked in a full two hour live show on Grab A Stack of Rack!  She’s a runner, she’s a warrior, and she’s a winner — watch this episode for a boatload of inspiration.  We covered a lot of ground here!   Topics such as:

  • A giant box of discs, toys and stuff from Harrison!
  • Music that defines the California she knows and loves.
  • Long Beach!
  • What she would transform into if she was a robot.
  • Who she would sing like if she could.  (Ha, ha.)
  • Boots.
  • Nature, weather, climate, seasons.
  • Travel.
  • Theraflu.
  • Running.
  • Nosy neighbours.
  • Shoe terminology.
  • Iron Maiden.

Thanks to Jex Russell and Harrison the Mad Metal Man for your questions.

Additionally, once again I had the honour of picking out her heels for her next event.  A backyard BBQ with some slightly stuck-up neighbours.  Did we go more conservative, or did we up the sexiness?  You be the judge, but people seemed to like the heels I picked for this party.

Sorry about the audio issues around  the 15 minute mark!

MarriedAndHeels Grabs A Stack of Rack for Round 3!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike, the Mad Metal Man, and the California Girl
Episode 16: Round 3 with MarriedAndHeels

By now, all of you know that one of my favourite co-hosts is the California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels! Why? Just watch one of her past episodes and you’ll see. She has a fanbase larger than most rock stars I’ve interviewed, and she has a magnetic personality to match. I am always honoured any time she is able to come on our little show.

Today’s plan includes opening a massive box from Harrison in Australia! We have been waiting for this parcel a long time and now we finally get to open it! The best part is, for the second half of today’s show, Harrison the Mad Metal Man will be joining us live for his first meeting with the California Girl! As for her, I’m sure she has lots of new heels to look at. I can’t wait. I sure do like her collection! In fact, I will again be responsible for picking the heels for her next event! This was fun to do last time, and I can’t wait to do it again!

We also have an “Ask California Girl” from Jex Russell the Jexciter! As always we will also be taking your questions LIVE so get ’em ready.
Friday March 3 at 3:00 P.M. E.S.T. / 12 Noon Pacific. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook.

Jex & the Gang Unbox Stuff, Talk About Stuff, and Rock About Stuff!

Sorry about the technical difficulties, and thanks to Harrison, John, Tim & Jex for holding down the fort!

Tonight we talked about Alice Cooper (a lot), made some jokes about Journey, held some Spoons while we Needed To Breathe, and plugged a PDF!  It was a great, casual and fun night full of music and stories.  It was a pleasure finally talking to Jex Russell face to face for the first time.  This was his first ever live show, and I messed up the start with technical issues!  Thanks for putting up with me Jex.

Ask Harrison returned this week after a long hiatus, with a question from Tee Bone and one from my parents.  Meanwhile, MarriedAndHeels had her picture taken with Eddie Van Halen’s Frankentrat!  We took a close look.  How cool is that?


Thanks for watching, see you next week!

NEXT WEEK:  March 3, 3:00 PM E.S.T. / Noon Pacific, MarriedAndHeels is back for an EPIC UNBOXING.

Friday Night and Grab A Stack of Rock is Back

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike and the Mad Metal Man
Episode 15:  Welcome Jex Russell!

There has been a heck of a lot going on here lately.  We need reset the show back to basics, back to the original intent.  That always was just hanging out with no plan!  So that’s what we’re doing.  Showing off whatever music they have lying around will be Harrison, Tim Durling, John Snow, and new arrival Jex Russell!  You might be familiar with the Friendly Frenchman from his stints on Scotch on the Rocks and Tim’s Vinyl Confessions.  Tonight he’ll grab a stack of rack with us and have a good time doing it!

Friday February 24 at 7:00 P.M. E.S.T.  Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook.


NEXT WEEK:  March 3, 3:00 PM E.S.T. / Noon Pacific, MarriedAndHeels is back for an EPIC UNBOXING.

Landings Unboxed! Grace Scheele joins Grab A Stack of Rock to talk about her debut cassette EP!

A blast (-off) was had yesterday, taking a look at Landings, the debut EP by electroacoustic harpist Grace Scheele!  It’s a concept EP about the Apollo 11 mission.  If you like science fiction, space, the moon, chilling, or not chilling, this cassette is for you!  Chromed plastic, sleek packaging, bonus tracks, what more could you ask?  And a small quantity is still available if you’d like your own copy!  You can get it at Bandcamp, and I’m getting a second copy while I still can.  Why?

  • Supporting independent artists is important.
  • Each tape comes hand-sealed in silver foil, with a sticker on the seam.
  • Cassette-only bonus tracks on the B-side!
  • Sensational packaging; chromed cassette shell.
  • Music that is truly out of this world.

Grace joined me on an impromptu short episode of Grab A Stack of Rock on Sunday afternoon, where she explained the creative process, the art, and other details.  Why cassette?  You’ll love the answer.  Also, find out what to do with an ornamental electric harp thingy if you want to have some fun with hacking!  Seriously!

Great little mini-episode!  Thank you Grace for sharing your time with us!

Pick up Landings on Bandcamp!


REVIEW: Grace Scheele – landings (2023) – Live Unboxing Announcement!

GRACE SCHEELE – landings (2023 EP – cassette and download)

I’m a sucker for a pretty tape.  This has to be the prettiest tape I’ve ever seen — and I will be unboxing my copy live today at 1:00 PM E.S.T.!  Limited to 75 copies, I was very happy to participate in a Kickstarter from electroacoustic harpist Grace Scheele.  It’s called landings and, well, I think Grace says it best on her bandcamp:

“landings” centres on the real and imagined experience of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon; wielding bowed harp, electronic fx, and sampling from speeches, newsreels, mission audio, and NASA’s own interviews with those present at the historic newscast.  Ranging from the ethereally ambient to grinding, jarring industrial noise, the seven tracks across this debut EP represents an imagined journey into the darkness of space.

I’d call it a concept EP, based on that alone.  It’s a real listening experience, with elements that remind me of Pink Floyd, Star Trek, and War of the Worlds.  Some of the speeches and dialogue will be familiar, others will be novel.  There are sounds that, in my limited experience, I didn’t know you could make with a harp.  At 22 minutes, landings is easy to digest in a single sitting, and the download comes with a “gapless version” that enables just that.  The layers of harp, samples, and electronic sound build paint a sonic picture.  You can feel the tension of the launch!  I bet this sounds great with headphones.

The track “pomposity” has been getting some exposure, so if you only check out one track, try “pomposity” for a taste of what this is like.

Of course, the cassette itself will be fun once I have it out of the box, and will include three bonus tracks.  You know me and bonus tracks — Can’t wait to hear those!

I can’t wait until I get this tape unboxed, for which I will be joined on a live stream by Grace herself.  We’ll talk about the music, the artwork, the Kickstarter and of course the cassette itself.

Music like this is hard to rate, because I think it’s art, and what’s the point of rating a piece of art?  It either resonates with you or it doesn’t.  I find landings to be an innovative listening experience, unlike anything else in my collection, and I am looking forward to checking it out in different listening environments.  Headphones next, and then this summer, on the front porch of the cottage at sunset.

4.5/5 stars

No Show Tonight – back next week (hopefully)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, folks!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.  Our last show was way back on February 3 with MarriedAndHeels, a great show by most accounts.  I intended to go live the following week and then take a short break, but things got crazy.  One family member had a heart attack, one had Covid, and one had cancer surgery.  All of them are well into recovery now, but that was a lot to absorb in a short period of time.  There were other gut-punches to go along with it, but I think we’re past the worst.

The tentative plan for the next couple weeks is this:

February 24 7:00 PM E.S.T. – the debut of Jex Russell (plus other guests! – Tim?  John?) on a casual episode of Grab A Stack of Rock.  The Mad Metal Man will be with us again!  No topic, just looking at whatever music we have lying around.

March 3 3:00 PM E.S.T. / Noon PacificMarriedAndHeels returns for Round 3!   (No Mad Metal Man this time.) This popular guest has been like a breath of fresh air for the show and she always brings the heat!  We should almost change the name to Grab A Stack of Heels!

See you then?

Everything I create is free.  I have never asked for money for any video or story.  I pay for WordPress and I pay for Streamyard out of pocket, and advertising dollars do not bring in enough to cover even half of the cost.  Therefore, if you’d like to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi, I would muchly appreciate!

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Grab A Stack Of Rock Bonus Episode: Jen’s debut as we unbox Marvel Legends Black Panther!

A fun test stream with Jen’s live debut!