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#925: A Tribute to Gozer the Gozerian

RECORD STORE TALES #925: A Tribute to Gozer the Gozerian

Our first dog was Crystal.  Somehow, because my dad is who he is, that name eventually metamorphosed into “Gozer”.  My dad just does that and you have to hope to understand what he’s really talking about.  But Crystal was called Gozer in the end, which of course is the name of the evil demon at the end of Ghostbusters.  Gozer the Gozerian.  Named after a Class 7 apparition.  The way she goes.

I have some good footage of Gozer with a rockin’ soundtrack that I took in June 1990.  I was home alone on summer holidays and my sister was about to graduate.  So, we rented a video camera.  We had it for 24 hours, and I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity, being on holidays.  This is my earliest solo filmmaking!  And you can hear what I was listening to on the tape deck that beautiful June day.

Summer holidays, man. Listening to rock music on a ghetto blaster on the front porch. Hanging out with my dog in the sun. Being creative, making movies. Trying to do a shot like John Fogerty’s “The Old Man Down the Road”.  Doing fades.  Crash-zooms and close-ups.  Animating a pair of scissors.

Gozer didn’t like that many people besides Mom.  I’m not even sure if Gozer liked me all that much. You can kind of tell from the video that she’d rather just be left to lounge in the sun. But we had good times and I’m lucky we have video footage of Gozer the Gozerian.  The only reason we do is because my sister was graduating, we wanted to rent a camera, and I was on summer holidays with the dog.  My mom used to think I wasted a lot of batteries and tape with that camera.  I beg to differ.

Rest in peace Gozer!


Darth Vader endorses the Rock Shop with Ralph

Community! If you enjoy the LeBrain Train then definitely check out The Rock Shop with Ralph.  He’s interviewed everyone from Ron Keel to Simon Wright to Joel Hoekstra.  Plus, Darth Vader may choke you with the Force if you don’t….

VIDEO: Max the Axe – “The Other Side” / Kincardine Sunset & Afternoon Swim

Best rock band in Kitchener, best sunsets in the world. Enjoy.

VIDEO: LeBrain Train theme song by T-Bone!

Thank you to T-BONE for this awesome new theme song and video for the LeBrain Train!

This is a wonderful surprise, and complete with lyrics. All we need to do is get it in the right file format and this will be the intro clip to the LeBrain Train each week! Thank you T-Bone for going above and beyond the call of duty!!  (He must really have enjoyed being on the show.)

VIDEO: Max the Axe – “Magnum P.I.” / Crap winter drive

Now I remember what I hated about winter in seasons past.  It’s the goddamn traffic.

Please enjoy (?) this drive to and from work at 8x speed.  Lots of flashing lights and obstructions but made it safe both ways.  Could have been a lot worse.  There was a fatality on the road yesterday due to the weather.  For those of you who have never driven in the snow — you’re gonna love this.

Music is “Magnum P.I.” by Max the Axe from the album Max the Axe released 2004.  The album contains other hits you may know from prior videos such as “I Don’t Advocate Drugs” and “My Daddy Was a Murderin’ Man”.


VIDEO: Max the Axe – “Hard Drive” / Traffic jam on Highway 401

It was a drizzly drive home, with an accident right in the “Sweet Spot” of Highway 401 heading into Kitchener.  Perfect for another Max the Axe video.  The track is called “Hard Drive” (see what I did there?) and it’s from his 1995 debut cassette Bodies of Water.  It’s a killer epic featuring flute, saxophone, and the works.

In this video you’ll notice I’m a patient driver; I don’t change lanes to go faster.  I get in the lane I’m supposed to be in and I stay there.  I only change lanes a couple times in the whole video.

Pay attention and you’ll see the anti-abortion protesters across from Freeport hospital.  You’ll also notice landmarks such as Tim Horton’s (see how many you can spot) and the striking Grand River bridge.  Mostly you’ll be annoyed at the tail lights and other drivers.  Get a coffee.  (This video has been sped up 2.5 times to match the length of the song.)  Enjoy the drive!


Covideo 7: Bet You Thought I Was Done Making These Things

Yes folks is my first “Covideo” since April. Why? Why not. C-19 is back in Ontario for a second wave, and so are my Covideos!

In this video you can check out a couple Amazon unboxings (one toy, one CD) and get updated on the live streaming. Just a fun video, with hopefully improved production values over the ones I made in March and April.

VIDEO: Max the Axe – “Blood Runs Red” / Fall at the Lake

Always happy to showcase tunes for Max the Axe, local heavy metal hero and legend!

Here’s another video of cottage memories to help keep us warm during the winter.  A little dark, a little stormy, but a lovely if short fall weekend.  Headphones recommended.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time, so only a short song was necessary – “Blood Runs Red” from Million Dollar Threats.

Soundtrack Stream! Nigel Tufnel Top Ten with Rob Daniels and Surprise Guest!

Thanks to Rob Daniels for not one but two awesome lists, and terrific co-hosting duties!   The knowledge of this man is unsurpassed.   Down to microscopic detail, Rob is able to discuss virtually any soundtrack on a dime.  This show was long overdue!  It was the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Soundtracks with lists from:

My hope is that this show will give you some new music to check out,  I know I’ll be adding some discs to my wishlist.  You’ll have to watch and see!

An extra-special thanks to Dr. Kathryn for her first video appearance and an awesome list!  Apologies for the technical issues, such is the nature of live streaming.  It only gets harder when I’m on location.  The LeBrain Facebook page lost its feed close to the end, but if you missed anything it’s all on Youtube below.

Also thanks to Holen, Erik, Frank, Meat, Chris, Candace and everyone else for your great comments!

VIDEO: Risk Legacy boardgame unboxing