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Updated Grab A Stack of Rock show intro – Feb 5 2023

I like to periodically update the Grab A Stack of Rock show intro, to include content from the latest episodes. One of my favourite “fun” shots in the old intro was when MarriedAndHeels put her leg/heel up on her desk. Well, her last show had an even better shot, with her doing the same, but now I got her synched up to Tee Bone laughing in the song!  It was a perfect synch, and that shot definitely needs to stay where it is now!

What do you think of the latest version?


LeBrain Tries Watermelon-Strawberry flavoured Coke

VIDEO: The Contrarians Showcase – Mike LeBrain

Thank you Marco from the Contrarians for this honour.  I really loved doing this interview, and I really appreciate the chance to talk about myself and the things I love the most.  I got to tell some of my favourite stories, and plug Grab a Stack of Rock with the Mad Metal Man.  I also did a horrific Australian accent.  Please enjoy!

And Marco…thanks again, this meant the world to me.

Dashcam Idiots: Guy backs out of driveway into a ditch

A Tee Bone Man Visual Retrospective + Sneak Preview

All Lego art by Harrison Kopp.  Storylines by LeBrain, Harrison, Aaron KMA, John T. Snow and the 80sMetalMan.

Music by the man the myth the legend – Tee Bone Erickson.

A taste of what is to come in 2023!



Chapter Zero:  Tee Bone Man – Origins (by LeBrain) Coming March 2023

Chapter One: A Friend in Need (by LeBrain)

Chapter Two: Hell Freezes Over (by Harrison Kopp)

Chapter Three: Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be (by LeBrain)

Chapter Four: Tee Bone Man and the Rink of…Doom? (by Aaron KMA)

Chapter Five: The Super Duper Vault (by John Snow)

Chapter Six: Tee Bone Man Goes to Camp (by LeBrain)

Chapter Seven:  The Revenge of Common Knowledge (by LeBrain)

Chapter Eight:  Tee Bone & Deke’s Time Travelling Adventure (by 80sMetalMan)

Chapter Nine:  Castle Communications (by Harrison Kopp)

Chapter Ten:  The Case of the Lost Iron Maiden Socks (by LeBrain)

Chapter Eleven:  A Tee Bone Man Christmas (by all five of us)

Chapter Twelve:  Lost In Space (by John T. Snow) Coming Soon




The Writer’s Room: Chapter One

The Writer’s Room:  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Tee Bone Man Christmas

The Adventures of Edie Van Heelin’:  Edie vs. Tommy Lee in the Bouncy Castle of Doom!


Video: LeBrain Christmas 2022

No need to go into a lot of detail here as the video tells all.

Musical acquisitions:

Journey – Live In Concert At Lollapalooza (CD/DVD)
Triumph – Just a Game (2003 CD reissue)
Marillion – Holidays In Eden (3CD/1 Blu Ray box set)
Kiss – Destroyer (180 gram vinyl reissue)

Christmas Day viewings and listenings:

Mystique – Black Rider 30th anniversary CD
Standing On the Firing Line – The Story of Mystique DVD
Star Wars marathons all weekend long.

A perfect Christmas with perfect food and also dogs.

Video: Unboxing Mystique – Standing on the Firing Line DVD / Black Rider CD

Grab A Stack of Rock – New intro theme – Dec 17 2022

I can’t stop tweaking this video, and I’ll continue to update it as we continue to have fun shows together.

Tee Bone’s reaction shot is priceless.

Grab A Stack of Rock – Lego Intro version 3

More Lego scenes! More stacks of rock! More to come!

#1024: Where were you when Freddie died? When Eric died?

Lunch With Ladano yesterday was regarding the events of November 23, 1991.  The announcement that Freddie Mercury had AIDS, the worst kept secret in rock. Do you remember?