Youtubin’: Def Leppard – “Kick” live from The Stadium Tour

Not one of the best songs from Diamond Star Halos, “Kick” was still well received by much of Def Leppard’s fandom. It was showcased on The Stadium Tour with Poison, Joan Jett and Motley Crue. Is a new Def Leppard live album in the works? Let’s hope!

Youtubin’: Ozzy Osbourne Says ‘Black Sabbath Is Over’

And it should be over; it had its run. It had a start, middle, and a couple endings. And it should be over now. Ozzy is right and this is good.

Ozzy is also right when he says the music he recorded with Tony Iommi on the excellent Patient Number 9 could have made great Black Sabbath tracks.  He also sounds legitimately sad that he’s not touring and his health isn’t up to it.

All things considered (and there is a lot to consider), Ozzy looks pretty good here.  Rock on Ozz.

Youtubin’: Thew’s Reviews – Robosen Flagship Auto-Transforming Optimus Prime

To everybody who keeps saying, “Mike, you need this thing, this is right up your alley!”:

No I don’t, and no it isn’t.  Please allow Thew to explain the reasons why. If I bought this, it would be the biggest waste of money since that Gilligan’s Island box set that I never played and eventually sold. Not everything lives up to the hype.

Youtubin’: ZZ Top’s Elwood Francis plays “Got Me Under Pressure” with a 17 string bass

This went viral a few days ago, with everyone missing the point!

Remember when ZZ Top used to showcase goofy guitars in all their music videos?  Be it a furry bass or a guitar made out of Muddy Waters’ house, ZZ Top have long showed off bizarre electric stringed instruments as part of their schtick.

It doesn’t matter that you could play this song on one string if you tried hard enough.  All that matters is that Elwood got peoples’ eyes on ZZ Top!  And tongues are waggin’, pro and con.  Not that any of that matters.  When you look at ZZ Top’s history, Elwood now fits in better than ever!



Youtubin’: Van Halen – “Ripley” (1984 instrumental)

I’ve always liked the final Van Halen album, A Different Kind of Truth, and I have found it still stands up after a decade of digestion.  As you are probably aware, most of the album is reworked demos.  One such demo is “Ripley” from 1984, which later became “Blood and Fire” on the album.  The music made it into the score for a movie called The Wild Life which has never seen a proper audio release.  Eddie called the song “Ripley” because he played it on a Ripley guitar.

It’s impossible to listen to it without hearing David’s final lyrics and vocals in your head.  But is the instrumental version better than the final?  That’s a tough call.  It definitely would have been interesting to hear what Sammy Hagar could have done with “Ripley”, but if the idea to rework it with Hagar ever came up, it obviously didn’t bear fruit.

Enjoy “Ripley” by Edward Van Halen!

Youtubin’: Van Halen – “Without You” Live in Australia 1998

While I will admit that Van Halen 3 didn’t live up to the potential of the collaboration between Cherone and VH, it ain’t bad.  Many people said, “They should have changed their name and called it something else.”  That’s one perspective, but I don’t think Van Halen ever needed to go by any name other than Van Halen so long as Eddie and Alex were there.  Just my opinion.

“Without You” was arguably the best song (with the outtake “That’s Why I Love You” also a contender).  This live version from Australia helps illustrate what was working and what wasn’t.  The truth is, while Gary Cherone is a unique frontman, his gangly-geeky stretches and contortions didn’t suit Van Halen’s live show.  Vocally though?  No issues with Gary Cherone in Van Halen.  When they go into “We Can Work It Out” by the Beatles at the end, I’m sold.

Youtubin’: Badlands – “Dreams in the Dark”

When this video debuted on MuchMusic in spring of ’89, everybody but Harrison Kopp (who was not born yet) and John Hubner (who was not Canadian) said “Wow that singer really sounds like David Coverdale from Whitesnake!” The VJs said it and the kids said it. Do you agree? Does Ray Gillen resemble Coverdale in any way? Do you hear it too? Let us know in the comments.

Youtubin’: “Kicked in the Nuts”

In 2003, Mike Henry from Family Guy went viral on the internet for his spoof of “candid camera” shows called Kicked in the Nuts. Dressed in a blue jumpsuit and orange clown wig, Henry would surprise various people going about their business with a swift kick in the nuts. Before they’d get too mad, he would point at the hidden camera and say, “My friend, you’ve been kicked in the nuts.” They’d all laugh it off for a happy ending. Remember this?