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An obsessive-compulsive music collector who spent 12 years on the front lines managing a record store.  These are the Record Store Tales


Everything I create is free.  I have never asked for money for any video or story.  I pay for WordPress and I pay for Streamyard out of pocket, and advertising dollars do not bring in even half of the cost.  Therefore, if you’d like to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi, I would muchly appreciate.

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NOTES: Nothing seen on this website is for sale, trade or barter.  I will not share files as I value the good relations I have with the artists.  Check Discogs for other copies.

No Amazon review requests, please.  Thanks for your interest.

“How can you ban language, words? How’re words offensive? And why should I have to tolerate YOUR interpretation? I’m the one using the word. ASK me how I’m using it, don’t TELL me. And if you don’t like the way I’m using it, so what? It’s my right. It’s my freedom of expression. Without that, we’re nothing but slaves.”

– Johnny Rotten


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    1. Hi Mike! I left another longer comment earlier, but it seems to be not appearing here upon submission. Here is a shorter version: It has been two years and I find that your blog has gone from strength to strength, garnering a lot of followers. Well done!

      May you and your record store prosper in the new year! Happy 2015!

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        1. You are very welcome! Your dedication to your blog and to the music and artists represented is highly admirable.

          By the way, did you find the longer comment, Mike? It must have been mistaken as a spam.

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  1. OK, I am SO enjoying your blog! You take me back to a time where I lived for physical music product, and the great brick-and-mortar stores that made the stuff available to me. Still a huge music fan, never bought anything of value from iTunes, yet have nothing but a single big-box retailer near me (with a drastically reduced CD section). I live in the suburbs of Detroit, hence the trip to my favorite independent music retailer has become a complete pilgrimage, that warrants the better part of a day off, and a hefty chunk of $$$ (mileage and music). Still worth it, though.
    Lately, your are starting to make my wallet ache as your Black Sabbath Deluxe Edition Reviews filter into my e-mail inbox. You are the one and only person who got me to buy/listen to/and eventually enjoy the Black Sabbath “Born Again” album, thanks to your Deluxe Edition review that I cyber-stumbled onto back in the middle of 2012.
    I have both the Black Box and The Rules of Hell box set in my collection, but “Born Again” is the only Deluxe Edition I own.
    Maybe I suffer from some Ozzy Pop Culture Phenomenon burnout, but lately I have been feeling the Dio-and-other-Replacement-Singer-Era Black Sabbath in a big way. Certainly, your many Deluxe Edition reviews have been piquing my interest in these, as well. Originally, when all the Deluxe Editions were rolling out I stayed away from them, I kinda felt I was witnessing some greed by the record label. Now, I feel maybe (every single one of..) these are worthy investments. I value your opinion: Do you think these Deluxe Editions are worthy investments? Thanks for your work and your opinion!

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    1. Wow, thanks for the AWESOME comment. Hope you liked Born Again as much as I do! I confess I keep a copy in the car at all times, it’s my stand-by.

      Do I think the deluxes are worth the investment? For the most part I do, if you can find them at a good price. Unfortunately I paid over $40 for some, like Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose, only to find them cheaper later.

      I have a couple more Sabbath deluxes to come in the next few days, so stay tuned and enjoy! And thanks for the comment! After I’m done the Sabbaths, I’ll have to cover the three Dio’s.

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  2. I also wondered if you review music books, dvd’s, videos, compilation albums etc. I have Triumph Live at the Us Festival DVD, Nirvana With The Lights On, and Pearl Jam 20. All unopened, waiting for the right time. Perhaps now is the time to open them up and if you don’t have them and want to review them, let me know and I can get them to you to review. I also have a copy of Who Killed Kurt Cobain if you are into reviewing books. Let me know.

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  3. Hey. I was thinking of setting up a Podcast, and was wondering if you’d like to be a contribute. Basically, I want to link together several of the music-related blogs that I like (You, Me, Heavy Metal Overload, Rambleast, Nick’s Album Reviews etc).

    Instead of having to commit to long hours of writing or editing or anything, basically, I’d just interview you as if you were a rock star over skype for five minutes a piece.

    Just simple subjects like “What’s your favourite band (least favourite) and why?” “What’s the best and worst concert you’ve ever been to and why?” “What was your first rock album” – all that stuff.

    Basically, plug your blog, talk about music for five minutes and I’ll stick it together with similar things from different people.


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