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Friday Live Stream – Don’t miss a beat of the virtual fun!

Due to popular demand and nothing better to do, I’ll be live streaming again tonight on Facebook.  This time the stream will start at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and possibly run til 11:00.

Last Friday‘s stream was fun for all.  It included features such as:

  • Mike’s mom
  • Mike trying not to swear while his mom was listening and failing spectacularly
  • Guess That Beverage
  • Stories and Questions
  • Show & Tell
  • Harrison Gives LeBrain an Aneurism
  • Real prank calls by Max the Axe’s Stunt Double

What will tonight entail?  It’s entirely unscripted so who knows?  (I wanted to do an unboxing last week but that idea went down like the proverbial lead zeppelin.)

Check out Facebook (I’m “Michael” there) and tune into the live stream at 8:00 PM EST.


Friday Live Streaming — tune in while you are shut in!

We’re all in this together.  For your entertainment, and let’s face it mine too, I will be live streaming on Facebook tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

We tried this last week, sort of an impromptu live session and it was fun!  There were loads of music questions, lots of air guitar, great comments, and even a couple of my rock heroes stopped by to see what was going on.  So what’s up for tonight?  That’s up to you, folks!

How long it goes will depend on how many people are watching; I’ll call it a night if it’s a slow one.  Otherwise we could go until midnight.  I’ll be pulling the plug then no matter what, so I can watch Rob Daniels live show on Visions In Sound.  He will be playing the music of Star Trek: Picard by Jeff Russo.  You might want to make sure you catch that.

I will admit the longest I’ve gone (haha!) is an hour and a half.  Never done three hours before.  So this will be interesting to say the least.

Look for me on Facebook — I’m Michael there — and tune into the live stream at 9:00 PM EST.


No Sunday Chuckle

Sorry folks! We live in extraordinary times, and I have not had any Sunday Chuckles to share with you this week. Instead, to create a virtual social gathering spot, I have been live streaming on Facebook. On Friday night I went an hour and 20 minutes, and it was a blast! I was taking questions and they were coming fast and furious.  Participants included your Heavy Metal Overlord, radio host Robert Daniels, and Blaze Bayley expert, Mr. Harrison Kopp.




As this current crisis continues, I will be doing more live streaming. Feel free to join me.