REVIEW: Live – Throwing Copper (1994)

LIVE – Throwing Copper (1994 Radioactive Records)

20 years ago.  It seems like such a long time, but it’s true: There was an era when the top of the charts were dominated by the likes of Hootie, and Live. Kids today might not know Live, but many of these songs are still radio staples today: “I Alone”, “Lightning Crashes”, “All Over Me” among others.  8 million copies sold, and although you can find it used quite easily today, a lot of people hung onto their copies of Throwing Copper.  I am one.

I began working at the record store in 1994, and I used to tell my customers, “You’ll probably know all these songs.” I said that for a few albums back then, such as Purple by Stone Temple Pilots and Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. Not only did Throwing Copper have five hit singles, but virtually every album track was getting played somewhere. That’s how strong this record is.

The legacy of this album is its influence. I will maintain that without Throwing Copper, there would be no Matchbox 20, and certainly no Daughtry. Unfortunately all those bands learned from Live was bombast, and they turned it up to 11. They learned nothing about song craft, nothing about expression, nothing about restraint.

Throwing Copper has bombast in spades. It’s there in Ed’s vocals, but it’s also there in the rhythm guitar parts and the noisy Neil Young-esque solos. It’s there in the rolling bass lines and the thundering drums. But Ed Kowalczyk also knew how to use his voice quietly (“Lightning Crashes”), which amazingly was still as expressive. He names Michael Stipe as a huge influence, and you can hear R.E.M. and even U2 between the grooves.

Personal fave song:  “Shit Towne”.

Production by Jerry Harrison is stunning. The drums are some of the best, most natural sounding drums recorded in the 90’s and the bass is strong without dominating. This CD is in no need of a remastering, it sounds just fine as it is.

It’s kind of a shame that Live never did anything this good again, or with this kind of impact. While I have listened to every Live album since, I never bought any of them. This is the only one I bothered buying, and I liked it so much I bought some of the singles when I could find them. The domestic single for “White, Discussion” has a great acoustic version of “I Alone”.

If you need some 90’s nostalgia, and don’t have this album, you absolutely need it. If you’re too young to remember the 90’s but love bands like Theory of a NickelCreed, then you need to find out what real music sounds like. Throw out your Daughtry discs and pick up Throwing Copper.

5/5 stars


There is also an unlisted track after “White, Discussion” known as “Horse”.


    1. Why postpone till tomorrow that you can share today? Great review for a great album. Definitely one of those albums that can be played end to end and chock full of singles. Nice one.


      1. Good news is I just received an email with a brand new release review in it…aiming to get it up tonight. So I WILL at least have some content for today (and it’s a gooder)!


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    I had this album, but gave it away. I guess I got enough Live from the radio.


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  2. Oh man, Throwing Copper. Where do I even begin? I bought it pretty much as a new release and have never lived without it. When we saw them in 1996 (at Edenfest, reviewed on KMA), they played most (if not all) of that album. The songs were even bigger live (live Live!). One of the best rock albums of that decade. Seriously. Not even a mediocre track on it. You nailed it on the sound being just fine the way it is. 5/5 indeed!!

    I would also make an argument for the follow-up, Secret Samadhi. I know it’s not as popular a choice, and I wouldn’t say it’s quite on par with Throwing Copper (but that’s a slippery thing, it’s a bit of a different direction while still sounding like them), but it is a damn STRONG record that I would recommend to anybody. Two solid records between 1994-1997, that bands was on a TEAR!


    1. Secret Samadhi was a decent album and I almost bought it. It had a more epic sonic quality to it. But I didn’t buy it after playing it a dozen times. And I lost interest after that. Birds of Pray? With the auto-tune a-la Cher? Fuggetaboutit!


  3. I prefer Secret Samadahi over Throwing Cooper esp that tune about puke tasting like beer ?!
    The bass on that record is huge man….and than I bought Throwing Cooper yrs later in a bin somewhere for a couple,of bucks.
    Good band


  4. I moved to Boulder, CO in the Fall/Winter of 1995. This album along with Purple (oooh yeah, great album) and No Joke by the Meat Puppets were on constant rotation for me. I ised to listen to this one on some long mountain drives, going out to check out whatever, cruising along the mountain roads in search of some adventure. There is really such a great flow, some strong moods and some very rocking moments without sounding to much like just some loud rock music. I never really was into them other than this album. They just seemed to smug for their own good. Kind of like a mini U2. Screw U2

    I blame them also for Creed. Screw Creed.


    1. Mini U2. Well put. And screw Creed and all the bands that followed them too.

      Purple, what a great ’94 album. I’ll have to dig it up and review it before the end of the year.


    2. Yup, Purple was another one in big time rotation. Saw that tour too, opening for the Stones. Very cool.

      Agreed, screw U2 (post mid-80s). And Creed? It is once again the perfect time to post this:


      1. Lol. Too much. I dunno..stuff!!!

        I forgot also Soup by Blind Melon. Inreresting time musically. Kind of alt rock after it wasn’t really indie rock any more. I sold off TC ages ago. The story of this band is a sad but typical one. One guy thinks he’s better than his band but doesnt realize the sum is bigger than the parts.


        1. I always wantedto have a band called To Be Announced. How about On The House? Imagine that double bill.

          Back in the day there was a band called Exit. They changed their name to Mysterious Ways to avoid connection to the song Exit by U2. Some time later U2 released an album called Achtung Baby which had a song on it called…


  5. Well reviewed Mike – one of those records I forget about but am always pleased to rediscover.
    Selling the drama’s likely my favourite but there’s not really a wrong answer here!


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