#379: Aaron’s Black Crowes B-sides


This series is “twice as hard”!  Aaron at the KMA and myself are both taking a look at an old CD-R of Black Crowes B-sides, that he made for me umpteen years ago.  Enjoy!

Aaron:  Black Crowes B-Sides


#379: Aaron’s Black Crowes B-sides

Aaron has been a generous doner of Black Crowes music to Chez LeBrain for a long time now.  Witness, Record Store Tales Parts 260 and 262, in which he provided copies of the Crowes’ Sho’ Nuff box set, and the CD single for “Kicking My Heart Around”.  One of the most thoughtful items he ever gave me was a custom Crowes B-side CD, culled from his own library of tunes.  The Crowes have a lot of singles and rare tracks, and my collection is still to this day woefully incomplete.  The disc he made me covers a ton of songs that aren’t on albums.

There were quite a few tracks on this CD that I didn’t know the origin of.  I found out that the first three tracks are from the “By Your Side” CD single, which I still don’t own physically.  The opener, an acoustic version of “Horsehead” with a distorted lead vocal, is killer.  It sounds live in the studio, which to me is proof that you don’t have to spend weeks and months and years in the studio to make music.  “Horsehead” don’t need no frills.  “Grows A Rose” and “Peace Anyway” are from the same CD single, but sound more like the By Your Side album.  These are streamlined blues/rock tracks, but man “Grows A Rose” sure does smoke!  “Peace Anyway” is a soulful Crowes also-ran that could have been on the album as well.

“It Must Be Over” is from the “Kicking My Heart Around” single that Aaron gave me.  It’s a midtempo track much in the vein of the By Your Side album but not quite as catchy.  It’s a fine B-side though.  “You Don’t Have to Go” is really strong, but it could use more of that organ from Eddie Harsch.

Back to the olden days, “Don’t Wake Me” is an ass-kicker with plenty of that juicy slide guitar. This track was later reissued on the remastered Shake Your Money Maker album; I don’t know where it was originally from.  For fans of that old Crowes sound before they really started to experiment, this is for you.  The acoustic version of “She Talks to Angels” is available on the same remaster.  It sounds like an old Stones ballad and it’s flawless in this incarnation.

“99 lbs” and the slow version of “Sting Me” are also available today on the Crowes remasters.  I can’t believe how much “99 lbs.” kick ass for a B-side.  I know it’s a blues cover, but that’s about all I know about this amazing steady rocking tune.  Steady until the end that is, where it speeds up to a breakneck pace.  “Sting Me” is one of those tracks that caused a huge battle between the brothers.  One of them liked the slow version as heard on my Aaron Mix, and one preferred the fast album version.  This resulted in one of those physical confrontations that involved a mike stand being used as a projectile.  (I prefer the fast.)

As a B-side from Three Snakes and One Charm, “Just Say You’re Sorry” is surprisingly catchy and straitghforward.  I love Rich’s watery sounding guitar tone.  “Mellow Down Easy” is from the same period, this being a Willie Dixon classic.  I don’t think the Crowes really did anything for it.  Either way, it’s on the remastered Three Snakes, although “Just Say You’re Sorry” is not.

“Rainy Day Woman #12 & #35” is a bit of a gimmicky joke cover as far as I’m concerned.  It comes from a pot compilation of some kind.  “Pimper’s Paradise”, a Bob Marley cover, is a more successful experiment.

Aaron closed his CD with four live tracks in a row:  all four are from Air studios in London, circa 1994.  The four tracks sample the first three Crowes albums quite splendidly.  “Remedy” in particular strikes me as awesome.  The vocal is completely different from the album version which was only two years old.  You can’t say the Crowes are content to leave things be.

Man, you just gotta give Aaron a 5/5 for making this CD.  What a guy!

Monday: QUIET RIOT – Metal Health
Tuesday: DANKO JONES – Born A Lion


  1. D’awww man, I spent hours making all of these things – not that each individual CD took hours, but I made many different CDs! Your pics are a total flashback, I remember those PD CD-Rs. Oh man. You know, that’s probably old enough to have come from my first-ever computer, with its shit-hot max-speed 2x burner drive!

    But you know, the Crowes’ fans, not unlike Deadheads, have a looong history of sharing tunes so this is just one more in a sea of ’em. I’m glad you still dig it, there are a ton of awesome tunes on there. What a band. When they really did it right, which was often, they were just superb.

    I, too, prefer the album version of Sting Me. It makes one wonder, when they were recording the slow version, of someone said “can you make this thing Go Faster?” Haha I’m punny.

    I’m honoured that you’ve kept that all these years. Nice one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well dude, I definitely did not keep every CD given to me by every person. Particular ex girlfriends with shit music taste! But you made a damn good CD here, and you obviously put thought into it. I kept all your mix CDs, although unfortunately many of them are packed in a box and are inaccessible right now. But we sure did have fun with mixes. I have lost a lot of my interest in making mix CDs for the time being, but come summer I’ll make some for the car.


  2. Also, what the hell marker was I using that actually bled through that CD booklet? Man, that one must’ve been toxic!

    You were also, no doubt, honoured that I took time enough to write in all block-caps. And legibly too! Most of my CD-Rs were (and still are) just covered in my own special brand of illegible scrawl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It could have bled through just because of time as well. That can happen too.

      Dude I assumed you ALWAYS wrote in legible caps. Until we started corresponding by mail.


  3. Also yup, Rainy Day Women was on Hempilation, but it was also on the Sting Me single (which also has a live cover of Lennon’s Jealous Guy), and it was on the Hotel Illness 12″ too.


    1. Hmmm. I have the live cover of Jealous Guy on another single, I think. But I’d rather buy Sting Me than Hempilation!

      One other one I’m missing – Lucy in the SKy with Diamonds, from some movie soundtrack. I Am Sam?


      1. I remember how damn expensive they were…how, if you screwed up your burn somehow, you felt like an idiot for wrecking an expensive blank CD!

        I know you didn’t buy this from me, because I have never heard of PD.


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