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SHOCKER! MarriedAndHeels becomes MarriedAndCrocs!

NEWS:  In a shocking turn of events, my good friend Married And Heels has now seen the light, and become Married And Crocs!

She has a large order of Croclights and Jibbets on the way, according to my sources.  Her husband is currently converting the famed Shoe Shed into a Croc Shed.  You read it here first, folks.  Photographic evidence below.  Please note that she wears them with the heel strap forward; I believe this is called “California style”.




WE HAVE SHIRTS! Get Your Grab A Stack of Rock shirt today!

After long last, and a kick in the pants by Tim Durling, we now have Grab A Stack of Rock shirts for sale!

If you want to support me or the show, here’s another way to do it, except this way puts a nice shirt on your chest as a bonus!

I’m figuring all this stuff out, but I got myself a T-shirt and a hoodie, and it looks like there are other styles available.  I’ll keep adding items and designs as we go, but if you’d like to own the very first Grab A Stack of Rock merch, the time is now.




New! Improved! Grab A Stack of Rack / Rock Intro Video

I like updating the intro video every couple of shows to include everyone who has been on. This version features a brand new face: John T. Snow’s cat (licensing pending)! It also has more Jex, more MarriedAndHeels, and more dynamics.

No show tonight; as the Covid Chronicles have expressed, I’m tired! But we’ll be back April 7 with Jex Russell and MarriedAndHeels!

#1051: Covid Chronicles 4

RECORD STORE TALES #1051: Covid Chronicles 4

Day Four

Back to work, and I am tired.  A couple hours of work are enough to make me feel it.  Legs are tired too.  Maybe because I’ve been on my back all week.  I have no cough, nothing wrong with my lungs…I got lucky.

Jen is less lucky.  She has the symptoms.  A bottle of Sprite tasted like fish to her.  And I feel bad because it was clearly me that brought it into the house.

I only go one place.  Work and back.  I’ve been nowhere else.


The Adventures of Tee Bone Man Chapter 14: Tee Bone Man and Superdekes Discover the Tao (An Intermission) (By Aaron KMA)

By Aaron KMA

Tee Bone Man and Superdekes Discover the Tao (An Intermission)

It was noon on Sunday
Superdekes and Tee Bone Man
were tired and sore

Saving the whole world
winter, spring, summer, autumn
was wearing them out

They needed a break
they discussed break-time options
with hair of the dog

The tunes were on low
to lessen future headaches
Superdekes spoke first

“After Mars, I’m beat,”
Tee Bone Man agreed in full
“Let’s relax,” said he

“We also agree
that we don’t need to travel
as we’ve seen it all”

Superdekes nodded
“we just need folks to chill out
for a little bit”

They thought for a while
but neither man could succeed
in making a plan

Time passed, chill was had
great food, great drinks, great tunes too,
as the lads thought and talked

And they stayed that way
convivial and happy
as time just crept by

There was nothing done
and there was nothing to do
and it all felt right

Soon a week was gone
the phone had not yet rung once
finally they saw

Superdekes laughed first
“Yo Bro, you see what’s up?
We just had our break!”

Tee Bone Man smiled huge
“Dude, you’re right and it’s so right,
just what we needed!”

It was night again
so the lads got comfy, and
good fortune was theirs


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#1050: Covid Chronicles 3 – Sharing is Caring

RECORD STORE TALES #1048: Covid Chronicles 3 – Sharing is Caring

Day Three

Fatigued and restful, I did need more sleep.  What I did not need was to pass this Covid on to Jen.  Our pharmacist advised it was inevitable that I would, given our small living space.

She has a scratchy throat, a cough, and now her sense of taste has gone completely out of whack.  Sprite tastes like fish.

I am grateful that I have not gotten worse, but I feel terrible about this latest turn of events.

VHS Archives #135: Extreme sign autographs in Scarborough, Ontario (1991)

Not much to be said here, just four guys at a mall signing autographs for throngs of fans! From the Pepsi Power Hour.

#1049: Covid Chronicles 2

RECORD STORE TALES #1048: Covid Chronicles 2

Day Two

I slept for hours!  Lost track of how many hours.  In the morning I was still testing positive.  Jen is still negative.  In the afternoon, my sore throat went away, leaving me only tired and achey.

Monday will be a sick day from work.  I am hoping to go back on Tuesday.  Only the test will tell.


#1048: Covid Chronicles 1

How it happened, I can’t fathom.  I haven’t done much except go to work, and I have limited contact there with anyone.  Jen has been to the hospital a couple times, so my current theory is that she brought Covid home from there without getting sick herself.  I’m positive, she’s negative.

My health has been all out of whack lately, with a nasty stomach bug the week before.  Stress levels are close to all-time highs.  I’m triple-vaxxed, but I had a panic attack the day I was supposed to get a booster and never did the fourth.

So here’s the Covid Chronicles, check ’em out and see how I’m doing.

RECORD STORE TALES #1048: Covid Chronicles 1

Day One

I woke up Saturday morning bright and early with creative juices flowing.  In a long and effortless spurt, I completed 7000 words of Tee Bone Man vs. Edie Van Heelin’, some of my best fictional writing to date.  It took a few hours, and several spins of Night Ranger’s Greatest Hits, to finish.  I had a tickle in my throat, but felt fine otherwise.  Tired, yes, but I only had four hours of sleep, so that was to be expected.

I tested myself shortly after lunch.  I was shocked when the line filled in immediately and strongly.  Covid?  No way!  It didn’t seem possible.  It still doesn’t.

I went to go lie down and caught a couple more hours of sleep.  I talked to a few people and got some advice.  Everyone said to hydrate.  I placed an order with a convenience store for a few gallons of Gatorade, and some ice cream.  Why not?  Why not enjoy something, while I still can.  We ordered drumsticks.  What a delight.  I hadn’t had drumsticks in years!  This one had to be the best I’d ever tasted.  The saltiness of the nuts, the sweet of the chocolate and caramel, and the perfect creaminess of the ice cream.  Suck on that, Covid.

Jen made steaks and carrots for dinner.  They too were also great.  I had the leftovers for breakfast this morning and they still tasted great.

At present, everything smells and tastes normal.  I have some mild body aches, a dry throat, and some fatigue.  I also haven’t slept much; I caught about five hours and two more hours in a couple spurts last night.  I’ve been up since roughly four in the morning. It’s not that Covid is keeping me up, it’s that I feel relatively normal and my creative juices are waking me up.  I had a really productive day yesterday and my brain wants to continue that today, though I want to try and stay horizontal for most of today.

I’ll test again later and keep you posted as best I can.

Youtubin’: Static-X – “Push It” (Live in Orlando, FL 3-15-23)

I don’t mind me a little Static-X. Listening to a whole album of these songs in one sitting is a little much, but taken one at a time, their music is heavy, fun, and bizarrely catchy. A lot of that had to do with the unique vocal stylings of the late lead singer, Wayne Static.

Today, Static-X are touring as a tribute to Wayne, with a man named Xer0 fronting them, wearing an eye-catching Wayne-like robot suit.  Xer0 is said to be portrayed by Edsel Dope, of the band Dope, and friend of Static-X.

I think this is a pretty cool way for a band to carry on when the frontman is gone forever.  Bassist Tony Campos is passionate and enthusiastic, and the crowd eat it all up!