NON-REVIEW – KISS: The Originals I & II

Part 15.5  leading up to the release of Monster:  I had to mention these two albums, rare as they are.  My sister Kathryn bought me The Originals.  It is missing the booklet and Kiss cards.  The Originals II, I’ve never even seen that one.  Here’s what I can tell you.

KISS – The Originals & The Originals II (1976 & 1978)

These are both three record sets, containing a set of three studio albums.  The Originals contained a booklet and 6 Kiss cards.  The Originals II was released only in Japan, and I’ve never seen a copy.

The Originals was a repackage of  Kiss, Hotter Than Hell and Dressed To Kill.  It was released on the heels of Kiss Alive!, which of course was a massive hit for the band.  Why not repack the studio albums that everybody had missed?

Japan released The Originals II in 1978 to promote Kiss’ Japanese tour.  In the pre-internet days, its very existance was considered rumour.  Many thought it was a bootleg at best, myth at worst.  This set contained 4 cardboard masks to wear.  To find one mint, complete?  Yeah right, as if the wife gives me that much in my allowance!


  1. I have the US and Can pressings of The Originals. The contents are the same but there are some subtle differences in the printing. Definitely worth having if you’re a serious collector.

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