Part 158: Shrink Wrap (A Video Tutorial)

RECORD STORE TALES Part 158:  Shrink Wrap




  1. I do this for punters at shows. They want an autograph and of course didn’t think to take the plastic off until they are standing right before the big man. I take the CD from their hand, crack it like that and hand it back. The look on their faces is always priceless. Steve usually then comments “He’s a pro.”


  2. Ahh… great technique! Learned that when I worked in Borders. Not to be used with digipaks!

    You should do another one explaining how to get those pesky white stickers that run along the top of the case (on US imports usually) off without leaving tacky sticky marks on your case.


      1. It’s difficult! My preferred techniques is just taking taking the jewel case cover off entirely and then using that to peel it apart… then use the actual sticker to dab off any remaining sticky bits! Not always successful but the best I can come up with. :) I don’t get many with them on over here..


        1. I tend to just rip the damn thing apart.

          Some of our DVD’s here were way worse. They would do a sticker on the top, on the side, AND on the bottom. I just lost patience and used a knife, damn the stuff left on the case.


        2. At the store, we used to use something called Goo Gone to get sticky stuff off things. But then, it’s permanently slippery and greasy, or so it seemed.


        3. If it’s on plastic I usually just dab at sticky marks with sellotape. That usually does it. For extreme cases a little bit of Mr Sheen on a paper towel works quite well. Not heard of Goo Gone!


        4. When we sold DVDs, a lot of them were used, and were covered with stickers from other stores. It took a lot more than cellotape to get the sticky stuff off, so that’s where Goo Gone came in.

          It’s an American product, so maybe not over on your side of the pond.


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