REVIEW: Stone Temple Pilots – “Out of Time” (2013)

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – “Out of Time” (2013)

I don’t like Linkin Park too much, but Mrs. LeBrain does so I’ve heard a lot of their albums.  I did like their singer Chester Bennington, I thought he had amazing pipes.  It was more the rapping and the samples I didn’t like.  I always kind of wished Chester was in a band that I liked.

I do like Stone Temple Pilots though, and “Out of Time” sounds like Stone Temple Pilots!  It sounds like the young STP, when Weiland could really wail.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Scott’s voice is simply not what it once was, but Chester is in his prime.  And the song is great!  Solid riff, powerful sound.  If it lacks any of Scott’s swagger, the track makes up for it with Chester’s lungs.  It’s just great to hear Eric Kretz and Robert & Dean DeLeo rocking behind such a strong song.  Album and a tour?  Sure.  My interest is peaked.

Download it here, for free:

4/5 stars



  1. This has renewed my interest in STP as I got tired about reading about the mis adventures of Wieland with all the projects he gets into and than it all ends in shambles. Guy is a talent no doubt but all the drama etc. I’m not a L.P fan as well Mike but I like the direction of this new song…I will buy this release when that day comes…and good on em for keeping it under wraps esp with all this social networking going on .


    1. No kidding. I dunno if you watched the interview but they say they couldn’t even be seen together in public. Then when the guy asks, “Does Scott know about this?” they say, “Well he probably does now.”


  2. Actually it’s a funny good interview…I’m hoping that this will work out cuz I’m not to keen on lead singer changes anymore but this one feels different ,for the better…I hope…now bring on the Sabbath album!


    1. Yeah agreed, if does feel different, and I think with Linkin Park being as huge as they are, this actually elevates STP in profile a bit.

      Judging by one song (as if you can judge by just one) it’s a good fit. Weiland’s voice is apparently so poor, they couldn’t do a Core anniversary tour.


  3. Actually STP played Tbay a few months back one of Scott’s last shows. Would have gone but the tix ran between 85-100 bucks , I passed but from what I heard it was a good show.
    I seen STP open for the Stones back in 94 at the CNE in TO just as Purple came out that’s when they were cooking ….


  4. Sounds to me like they’re trying too far, it’s just a wall of noise. I think it’s nice that they’re trying to be relevant again, but this one song isn’t enough to sell it to me.


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