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#1065: Even the Best Weekends Can Turn to Crap

RECORD STORE TALES #1065: Even the Best Weekends Can Turn to Crap

It started great!

Thursday night, the music on the trip up to the lake was amazing. We began with The Cult’s Fire Woman EP, and moved on to Michigan Left by the Arkells.  Jen fell asleep in the car and I was left to sing along by myself.  Never a problem!

We came packed with lots of Lego, and plenty of new music to unbox live on Grab A Stack of Rock.  We arrived with coffee, treats and tunes!  Immediately I set up on the front porch and started playing mellow music.  Jim Cuddy’s All In Time is one of the best cottage front porch albums for dancing that I have ever heard.  From rockers to tear-jerking ballads, what an album!  I used to consider it “just a Blue Rodeo album without Greg” but it’s actually far more than that.  Articulating it is hard, but the album evoked emotions and dance moves that Blue Rodeo didn’t.  We also played some of Alice Cooper’s more emotional, cinematic tunes that night.  It was a magical start.

Friday was a wonderful day!  I commenced with some more porch music, and then we hit The Beef Way for our weekend meat!  We chose two T-bone steaks, a turkey breast fillet (for Jen) and a beautiful duck breast (for me).  It was my first duck breast.  I seasoned heavily with salt, pepper and garlic powder to offset that gamey taste.  I scored the fat, cooked it skin side down in a frying pan for 10 minutes to get it cripsy, and finished it in the BBQ.  When finished, you could have mistaken it for steak, it was that good.  The skin was the best part, and I’ll get duck breast from The Beef Way again.  Just an awesome lunch!

Of course, Friday night was Grab A Stack of Rock, and an excellent show was had, almost two hours long!  I’m calling it the “No More Heels Tour of 2023”.  This was my first cottage weekend since August 2022 where I wasn’t making videos and taking pictures for my friend, the California Girl.  With me putting our friendship on a break, it was hard to be motivated to produce fun nature images.  I miss her.  I focused on music instead, and Grab A Stack really did rock this time!  Lots of new music revealed, to be reviewed in the coming weeks/months, including Journey Through Time.

First thing Saturday morning, I taped an excellent Tim’s Vinyl Confessions, reviewing the new Def Leppard Drastic Symphonies.  I cannot wait until this airs!  Although we were both kind but critical, I’m sure the Fanboy trolls will be out when it’s released on YouTube.  I will of course be posting it here for ease of viewing.  It was possibly my favourite Tim’s Vinyl Confessions that I’ve been involved with to date!

We did “Jazz Saturday” morning with Herbie Hancock’s Quartet.  By recommendation of Robert Lawson, next Jazz Saturday will be to Pat Metheny’s Bright Size Life.  It’s ordered and on its way.  Then we switched to the back yard, and built Lego all afternoon.  We are both enjoying the Lego “Speed Champions” series of licensed car models.  They are all roughly the same scale and although they are similar in design, very few of them use the exact same design techniques.  Jen also build a New York City skyline, while I finally finished my knockoff Titanic set.  I’ll never buy knockoff Lego again.  It looks cool complete, but it was very hard to build with confusing instructions and bags.  The final fitting pieces were not up to Lego’s standards.   It does look good, but never again.

It was Saturday evening that turned everything to shit.

I made the steaks, damn perfect if you asked me, and Jen proclaimed “I’m gonna eat the whole thing!”  I was already half full from snacking on chips so I knew I was keeping leftovers.  As she took a mid-meal break, Jen had a seizure.

The coffee spilled.  The Coke spilled.  I could stop neither because I was busy keeping her from falling off her chair.  Eventually I got her safely down, where she soaked herself in spilled coffee.  It took some work to get her into bed.  More seizures later that night.  She fell off the bed, and once again Mike managed to pull off a save.  I’ve lost track of the rest of the seizures that night but we figured it was four or five total.  Not the most restful night, and I was completely exhausted from cleaning up the spills.  I went to bed early and slept in late.  Not the way I usually do things at the cottage.  I like to stay up late and enjoy the creatures of the night.  That didn’t happen this weekend.

I came home Sunday completely exhausted and Jen slept the entire way.  Music on the way home was also mellow:  Ward One: Along the Way and When the Bough Breaks by Bill Ward.  Really good and felt appropriate to my mood.

We will have more Lego to build next time.  My Jazz Quartet set looks challenging and interesting.  Hopefully the next trip will be less eventful!




VIDEO/REVIEW: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions: Ep. 424: Neal Schon – Journey Through Time (2023)

At 45 minutes long, this is one of the best Tim’s Vinyl Confessions I’ve ever participated in. You can really pick up on our love of Journey, and perhaps our disappointment in recent events since their last album. Fortunately, Neal Schon heard us. Enjoy this episode!


Motherlode of Rock! Mike, Harrison, Jex, Tim, Snowman & Dr. Kathryn Grab A Stack

A star studded show featuring the following guests:

  • Harrison the Mad Metal Man
  • Jexcalibur J “The Muscle” Russell
  • Tim “Bad Influence” Durling
  • with John T. Snow and Dr. Kathryn

Together we revealed:

  • The new Ghost EP (2 copies)
  • The new Def Leppard Drastic Symphonies (umpteen copies)
  • The new Neal Schon Journey Through Time (2 copies)
  • Foreshadowed two upcoming episodes of Tim’s Vinyl Confessions
  • Max the Axe garage sale scores:  BBM and a dragon kite named Drogon
  • Harrison’s diverse taste
  • Classic Alice Cooper
  • Rare Eric Carr
  • New Sprite “Lymonade” celebrating 50 years of hip hop (?)
  • Record Faire scores galore
  • The 2loud2old shirt, Grab A Stack & Tim’s Vinyl Confessions merch

Official Grab A Stack of Rock merch available here!


Grab A Stack of Rock Shirts & Merch are arriving!

Just look at these handsome devils and one Dr. of Music!

Store:  teepublic.com/user/grab-a-stack-of-rock

Good Friday Fun with Married And Heels, Mike & Jex! Lego, Music, Heels, Shirts & More!

It was a delight and a privilege to be able to spend my Good Friday with Jex’s Vinyl World and MarriedAndHeels this year!  Spring has sprung and this is what we brought you for your Easter weekend:

  • Cute Easter manicure on the California Girl.
  • New Marvel Lego sets – hot off the presses.
  • Music unboxings from Tim Durling.
  • Movie reviews:  Avatar 2 & Ant Man 3
  • Anticipating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Running a marathon & Jex’s mission.
  • Cottage season & wildlife.
  • Dave Lizmi’s opinion on Night Ranger and “Sister Christian”.
  • A secret that Mike reveals for the first time.
  • Edie Van Heelin’ & Tee Bone Man.
  • Coming up on the Distortion Den.
  • New heels!  Custom designed by Married & Heels herself, and a killer pair of silver boots.
  • New shirts!  Tim’s Vinyl Confessions and Grab A Stack of Rock!

Thank you Jex and California Girl for a wonderful Good Friday loaded with friendship, stories and fun.

Store address:  teepublic.com/user/grab-a-stack-of-rock


Rock, Lego & Heels, Oh My! MarriedAndHeels, Mike & Jex Rock Your Good Friday!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike, Jex, and the California Girl
Episode 17:  Rocking Good Friday

All apologies!  There haven’t been too many live shows this brutal winter.  However, the California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels has been a consistent ray of sunshine this season and she’s back to co-host this Good Friday special!  This is, in fact, her fifth appearance on the show in 2023!

She doesn’t have to do this…she gets far more views and interaction on her own without me.  I cannot express how flattered I am that she actually wants to do our little show with us.

Joining us will be Jex Russell from Jex’s Vinyl World.  Together, we plan on tackling the following subjects:

  • New arrivals – unboxings from Tim Durling!
  • Brand new Lego sets at the MarriedAndHeels residence.
  • New Tim’s Vinyl Confessions shirts.
  • Movie talk.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Social media tips.
  • Edie Van Heelin’.
  • Surprises.
  • …and of course, lots of high heels!

Friday Apr 7 at 3:00 P.M. E.S.T. / 4:00 P.M. Atlantic, & 12:00 Noon Pacific. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook!

VIDEO: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Ep. 409: Triumph discussion with Mike Lebrain

Thanks Tim for having me on the show again.  Join Tim and I as we go through all of Triumph history from the first album(s) to the last.

Youtubin’: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Ep. 403: Standing On The Firing Line/The Story Of Mystique review

This movie has been getting a lot of deserved attention and praise. Tim Durling takes a deep dive here, adding to the tapestry of words woven around this great “shoulda been” band! There’s even some talk about what could be coming.

Tim’s Vinyl Confessions Ep. 390: Rare CDs II With Mike Ladano

“Mr. Lebrain is back, and this time he brought a ton of his Japanese import CDs. Or should I say, he grabbed a stack of rock! We once again go through our rare, out of print, imported, and otherwise hard to find discs. A follow to our first episode on the subject which can be seen here.”

Sunday Screening: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Tim and Mike discuss Freedom by Journey

Tim Durling approached me about doing this Journey show…six months ago?  A year?  Two years?  We have been waiting for this Journey album a long time, and a rocky ride it has been.  Does this album live up to the hype?  Tim and I are remarkably alligned on the new Journey album Freedom.  Dig in.

My text review of Journey Freedom can be found by clicking here.