Part 240: Lemon Kurri Klopek – Living the Dream! (On the road with Steve Earle)


Lemon Kurri Klopek – Living the Dream!  (On the road with Steve Earle)

I immediately liked Lemon Kurri upon meeting him.  I was introduced to LK (who also goes by the excellent real name of Mike) as our newest franchise owner and fellow Kiss fan.  I spent a lot of hours training him, and he was one of the best people I met through the record store.  He was easy to work with, and genuinely appreciated my help.  One thing I will always remember, is that Lemon Kurri and his business partner Greg sent me notes of thanks for my help, and even cool records or CDs that I wanted.  It was Lemon Kurri who gave to me a treasured copy of Bruce Dickinson’s 12″ single for “All the Young Dudes”.  He also gave me Thin Lizzy’s “Gary Moore album”, Black Rose: A Rock Legend for my birthday one year.

When I eventually left the company, Lemon Kurri was supportive of my decision.  We stayed in touch and remained friends.  Two years later, LK himself moved on to new horizons.  I’m pleased to report that he is now living the dream, working for one of my own idols, Mr. Steve Earle himself.  Lemon Kurri is Steve’s “Merch Guy” and “unofficial drum tech” today.  He travels the world, and gets to hear one of the true greats playing at night.  Hard work but somebody has to do it.

Lemon Kurri has given me permission to share with you a selection of snaps of his life on the road with Steve Earle.  Enjoy.  Each picture tells a story!  Click a pic to enlarge and read the description.  Thanks letting me use these photos, Mike!


  1. Cool story a Mike….Earles Shut Up and Die Like a Aviator is a fantastic record !
    Played that one on cassette and when that wore out hello cd copy!


    1. OK Deke, trivia time. Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator was recorded in what two Ontario cities?

      BONUS: One of the two cities is mis-spelled. Which one, and how was it mis-spelled?


  2. Jesus I think it was Kitchener and London?.
    Yeah I remember the spelling or should I say misspelling!!!
    I also remember that tour a bunch of cash from one of his shows went missing when he was out west..


  3. That is so cool, good for him! I have a Hits of SE in my collection, and I heard most of his records through the Saskatoon library, years ago. Loved every one of them. Also, Aimee Mann is a hot, great song writer. I have her CD here too.


  4. Yeah I think sumthin happened at one of the box offices out west on the Hard Way tour …remember hearing about it on Muchmusic when they played vids ..
    Tried googling it but Nuthin came up


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