Part 278: The Return of Dan Dan the Box Set Man

RECORD STORE TALES Part 278:  The Return of Dan Dan the Box Set Man

Astute LeBrain readers may recall that one of my customers, Dan aka “Box Set Man”, always had cool stuff in his collection.  It was he that gave me an original Ritchie Blackmore photo from a private collection in Part 168: The Constipated Ritchie Blackmore.  In January 2005 he appeared at my door once again to sell me some goodies.  While I did not record everything Dan sold to me that day, I did take note of the five that I was going to add to my personal collection!

Please excuse me if I sounded a little over excited.  I always tried to journal honestly!

Date: 2005/01/11 21:43



Oh God oh God oh God!

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE AMAZING ITEMS THAT CAME INTO WORK TODAY.  I am going to have an expensive January.  I am going to MISS this part of my job. [I had applied to several jobs.]

Here’s the complete list of cool shit that I need to buy:

1. DVD – Harold & Kumar.  We got in two used copies already!  [It was only released the week before, on Jan 4.]

2. CDs – Deep Purple 25th Annivesary box set–JAPANESE IMPORT BABY!  Not much on there that I “need” but it does have all three edits of “Burn”, in fact it looks to have every single edit from every 7″.  Also has two mono mixes.  Must have.

3. CD – Jethro Tull – Bursting Out-Live (remastered)

4. CD – Jethro Tull – Jethro Tull Christmas Album

5. CD – Queen – On Fire: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

One cool thing is that I still have all five of these items, all still in the same condition that I found them in!  Thanks Dan, wherever you may be….


    1. Yeah, but when I was young that was all I wanted! I wish I had recorded how much this one purchase cost me. The Japanese import would not have been cheap, and the Tull & Queen discs were doubles.


  1. I remember borrowing the Queen Live at the Bowl and just not liking the live mix….I perfer the Queen Rocks Montreal now that’s a show…..


    1. I watched the Montreal show last week Deke! Yeah, can’t argue with you there! But man I’ve been listening to Queen’s The Works all the time lately, what a great album. Freddie’s vocals on Hammer to Fall are absolutely freaking awesome. As far as his “rock” style vocals go…maybe that’s my fave.


  2. My first Queen album was The Game that silver cover hooked me as a teen but 34 yrs later still my fav Queen album……Dragon Attack just dig that bass line!


    1. Yeah that was my first as well. Another One Bites…My parents had the vinyl. My favorite is Sheer Heart Attack but the Game had some decent stuff on.


        1. Absolutely. Queen took a lot of care with each successive album but none of them feel like that way too polished overproduced 70’s thing. They managed to be experimental and grandiose without being that excessive. YMMV


  3. Wow that’s cool..I had heard News Of The World at a buddy’s house as it was his sisters copy but my actually first purchased on was the Game.
    Kinda funny how sometimes your first purchase ends up being the fav of them.
    Case in point VHs W&CF was my first Halen purchase and this day it’s my all time fav!


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