Part 168: The Constipated Ritchie Blackmore

RECORD STORE TALES Part 168: The Constipated Ritchie Blackmore

The date:  Before Christmas 2005 (my final Christmas at the store)

The place:  My store

The characters:  Myself, and “Box Set Man”

I had this one great customer, and dammit, I cannot remember his name.  We called him “Box Set Man” because he bought and sold a lot of box sets.  In fact, I have a Japanese Deep Purple Purple Chronicle 25th anniversary box set from his collection, complete with obi strip.


Box Set Man also collected rock photographs, original photographs from private collections, unpublished anywhere.  He bought them at record shows, by networking (he was once a concert promoter) and from eBay.  He would trade photos in his collection for more desirable ones as well.

Just before Christmas 2005, Box Set Man came in with a gift for me.  He handed me a plain yellow envelope.  Inscribed on the envelope was this:

Merry Xmas Mike

This photo is from a private collection from Germany “Blackmore”.


Inside the envelope was an original Ritchie Blackmore photo.

Ritchie is obviously digging deep into a guitar solo in this photo.  Stratocaster raised, eyes closed, Ritchie is givin’ it all he’s got.  But the overall effect is one of Ritchie looking like he has to go to the bathroom.

Christmas 2005 was my final Christmas at the store, but Box Set Man didn’t know that.  I don’t remember why, but head office had asked me to keep my departure under wraps.  The announcement wasn’t made until my final day at the store (Jan 4, 2006) and as it turns out, that was the day I told Box Set Man as well.

So, without further delay, I present to you this original photograph that I have dubbed “The Constipated Ritchie Blackmore”!

NOTE:  After posting this, my former co-worker Pat reminded me that Box Set Man’s name was Dan!



  1. Sorry, I don’t think he looks constipated. Facially, to me he looks like he’s sleeping. Or just lost in the song. Constipated would have a bit more strain to the face, wouldn’t it?


        1. It will! That’s a promise. I have 5-10 discs waiting for you already and then the Rush that Peter is returning to me. 15-20 discs total.

          LeBrain’s Hand-Me-Downs!


        2. The life I live, I need paramedics standing by at all times! Hahaha.

          I do love hand-me-downs. If anybody has any discs they don’t want anymore, and can’t be arsed to sell ’em, I have a loving home for them right here! ;)


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