Can you guess my next series?

Happy Saturday, folks.  Hope you’re having a rocking weekend.

I have been working diligently on a new series of reviews.  I’m very excited to bring you this next artist.  But can you guess who it is, just by the haircuts below?  Leave your guess in the comments and prove who knows their rock!








      1. Deke not only is Ear Candy there, but it is the album that inspired me to start the series.

        IN FACT I even ordered the only 2 King’s X studio albums I am missing from Amazon so I can do a complete series. The only things that won’t be in there are the live albums, and Dogman, which I have already done a long time ago.

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  1. Yeah no fair! Easy Q but Saturday there = early hours Sunday here so by the time we awakes we are late to the party!? :(

    Look forward to this one Mike – dang those first half dozen King’s X were all superb and many quality records followed \m/

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  2. Man I loved the first 4 albums then around ’93 I gave up Prog for a while and completely ignored everything after the self titled. For some reason I’ve never felt compelled to get the more recent stuff so I am awaiting the series should be a great one.

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    1. Now that I’m working my way through these albums, I can tell you that there are some shiny moments on the more recent albums, surprising me because I don’t remember enjoying some of these before. Series starts on Monday Nov 9.


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