RIP Scott Weiland – Thank You


I’m not the right guy to do a Scott Weiland tribute.  My first CD was Thank You, the “best of” album from 2003.  Since I didn’t spend my young adulthood rocking to Stone Temple Pilots, letting them melt away my anxiety and youthful tension, I can’t tell you that Scott had that impact on my life.  However, I can provide links to people who did experience his positive impact.  These writers had some touching words about Scott and his music today.  Please share and enjoy these links.  Rest in Peace Scott, where your demons can never haunt you again.

Boppin’s Bop (Brian) – Scott Weiland & the Roundabouts – Blaster review and tribute

KeepsMeAlive (James) – RIP Scott Weiland

MixolydianBlog (Derek) – Scott Weiland

Resurrection Songs (J) – “I’ve been walking a lonesome highway, I felt as though I had no home”

My favourite STP song


  1. I don’t know how to make a comment on this topic without sounding like a stone cold emotionless douche…
    It’s always a tragedy when somebody dies, especially when someone that young passes, someone who have children and probably a whole lot to live for.
    I don’t know if Scott died of an OD or not, but I’m sure drugs – in Scott case, heroin – were the main reason. What a waste. I really hate drugs…
    But, I was never a fan of STP and I never liked Scott’s voice, I believe that Velvet Revolver would have been a much better band with another singer and I as far as I can remember, I have never heard any of my friends or even FB-friends say that they were a fan of Scott, but today FB is covered with people praising him. I dunno, that kinda takes the edge of it all, for some reason.
    This guy had a troubled life, heroin took over his life completely and I don’t have enough fingers to count all the times he went public saying he’s clean and sober, but he fell off the wagon every time.
    It’s so sad every time these things happen. Scott wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last.
    What I want to say with this..I dunno other than I wanted to look at this with some nuance.. or something.
    I really hope Scott is at a better place and that he has found peace.
    But I’m mostly sad for his poor children. My thoughts are with them.

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    1. Yeah fair points e-tainment and think it really comes down to ‘to each their own’ and whatnot.

      While not a huge fan by any measure, did think while maybe not technically that great or full of range, Scott did have a cool ‘Guy next door’ kinda vocal and (VR not so much) those early STP records were fer my ears all about great songs and THAT cool voice… But like I said, to each their own and you summed it all up perfectly in yer last paragraph, music discussion seems pointless really, was a loss and thoughts to his family friends and fans.

      Thanks for the respectable/honest post too Mike, nicely said :)

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  2. Thanks for doing this Mike – I had similar feelings that this is significant, he meant a lot to a lot of people, but I just wasn’t the right person for a tribute.
    These guys all put together thoughtful posts, thanks for assembling them here

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  3. Thanks for the linkage, Mike.

    … and that’s a fine song to be your favourite. I love that one myself and I know we’ve had the discussion before that it’s a crime the makers of the first Spider-Man flick chose yon song by the Nickelback chap over this one.

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  4. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. If so, I’m sorry, but it was never my intention. Just wanted to share my point of view on the whole thing.

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  5. I first discovered STP with Core and that album has remained a stone-cold favourite.

    I loved Purple too, and their 2010 self-titled album wasn’t bad either.

    It’s a shame we’ve got someone like Chester Benington to carry on Scott’s legacy….

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    1. No one will carry on his legacy, unless his kids can sing. Chester is out of STP and in my opinion the band STP is done. The brothers will be better off starting a new band. Consider the STP shark officially jumped. Besides they will re issue stuff and put out lost songs, interviews, documentaries etc. for years, as will Weilands family and Wildabout bandmates.


      1. I didn’t mind Chester in STP. I think the fans knew he was a temporary shoe-in until the inevitable Scott Weiland reunion. Now that Scott has died, I don’t think the fans will accept Chester. Something about knowing Scott will never be back. Just my 2 cents but if STP carries on with that name, they will be playing bars and not stadiums.
        How about a former STP member band with Sebastian Bach as lead singer?

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        1. It would be a different genre. Probably a little harder edged, and just enough of a separation from the STP of old. If they did carry on and succeed with the STP name they would be very lucky. Not very many bands can do what AC/DC did, but maybe Sebastian can pull off a Brian Johnson. He is just itching to get back to his Skid Row glory days. Although he may not have much more in him, but should be good for 2-3 more albums.

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        2. Funny thing is he used to have a bit of a rivalry with STP. He made some comments in MEAT Magazine about how STP used to be a glam band and then jumped the grunge bandwagon. (Bitter!)

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        3. I love the Skid Row albums with Sebastian but don’t tell me they didn’t at least consider changing styles or musical genres to keep afloat. It is what bands have to do to remain fresh. You have to be willing to play dive bars for peanuts your entire career if you won’t change with the times.

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