#591: My Rock and Roll Lullaby

GETTING MORE TALE #591: My Rock and Roll Lullaby

When I was a young child, I used to hum myself to sleep.  My favourite music was movie themes.  Whether it be Superman, Indiana Jones or Star Wars, soundtracks were 99% of what I liked to listen to.  And 99% of those soundtracks were John Williams.  Come bedtime, mom or dad would tuck me in, and I’d hum a favourite theme until I was asleep.

As I entered the pre-teen years, my parents bought me my first ghetto blaster.  It was a Sanyo, built solid like a Brinks truck.  The Sanyo brought music back to bed time, only now I didn’t have to hum!

By the time I had the Sanyo, I was getting in to rock and roll really seriously.  Kiss tapes were great for falling asleep to.  They were just the right length, and I loved each and every album.  Sure, you’d have to get up halfway through to flip sides (no auto-reverse on my first Sanyo), but suddenly I had a new bedtime routine.  I’d literally rock myself to sleep.

This nightly habit soon became nightly necessity.  It was hard to fall asleep without music!  If we were away from home, I’d bring a Walkman, but falling asleep with earphones on was uncomfortable to say the least.  Cheap 1980s earphones were not designed with comfort (or sound quality) in mind.

The bedtime music habit continued through highschool and into university.  Sometimes I worried, “What happens when I get married?  Is my wife going to want to fall asleep to Kiss Alive with me?”

No, no she wouldn’t.  But I did manage to start falling asleep without music.  When I got my own place, I’d stay up a little later and go to bed when I was exhausted.  If I tossed and turned, then I would throw on a CD to help me fall asleep like the old days.

Have you ever needed musical accompaniment to fall asleep?  What tunes did you like?

No, no no!


  1. I did that for a while in high school. And I remember when I used to drink I’d always put in Fiona Apple or Elton John when it was time to sleep.
    I haven’t done that for a while but it was always my favorite way to listen to music. Instead of being background noise while I was cleaning, writing or driving I was able to stop and focus on the tunes. I miss that.

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  2. Hey, this rings a bell. I had a tape player right next to my bed. I just listened to whatever tape was in the player at really low volume. Have forgotten about that.


  3. Yeah, I used to always do this. Master of Puppets, Twice Shy, Axis Bold As Love, 1st King Crimson have all been faves over the years. If I get the chance these days then it’s any My Dying Bride album. They’re a great sleeping band!


  4. I tried listening to music while lying in bed but I would often fall asleep before one side of the tape ended and then in the morning get frustrated because I didn’t hear the entire side.


  5. When I was a kid, I fell asleep listening to music all the time. Now, hardly ever. There’ve been a few times in recent years where I’ve put in earbuds and played music to drown out external noise – always Cowboy Junkies. Picked it the first time because it was familiar and not exactly high-energy, and it worked well so I’ve gone back to it.


  6. Yup. I used to listen to music every night, but do so only occasionally now. Like Zack, I enjoyed listening to music like that, cause there was no distractions.


  7. I have to have music to fall asleep. Luckily, my wife is partially deaf (not lucky for her) so she can’t hear the music. I usually have an 80’s playlist going or some nights only instrumental music such as guitar gods or classical pop. And of course, Kiss gets played a lot. I just can’t have anything too heavy or too thought provoking or my mind what slow down enough to go to sleep.


  8. I love to nap to the tv. My first year of university my sis and I shared a one bedroom loft and I slept in the living room. I had mono first year and slept a lot. I’d nap to Another World in the aft and David Letterman at night. Loved it! I still like that but don’t do it so much any more.

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    1. Friggin’ mono. I’m sure you read my story about mono. It didn’t turn out that I was just really bored.

      I don’t like napping to TV, I find it distracting because I’m picturing what’s going on. LOL


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