QUIZ: What’s in LeBrain’s Bag?

Saturday September 30th was Sunrise Records’ “Grand Re-opening” across Canada.  I’ve been shopping there for months now, but the 30th was a ceremonial event.  They had prizes and sales, but as usual I came for music.

Brother Tom sometimes asks me, “Why do you go to Sunrise?  Go to Encore Records — a real record store.”  I get what he means.  Encore has long reigned as the Best Music Store in Kitchener-Waterloo.  Even back when Tom and I were in the business, we knew Encore had the game all sewed up in this town.

I like going to Sunrise for a number of reasons; one is location.  I got there in four minutes.  Two, I want them to do well with this re-opening.  The mall needs a record store.  A mall without a record store is just a Walmart with a food court.

On to the quiz:  What is in LeBrain’s Bag? Examine the picture at top and post your answer in the comments.


  1. There are two records in there.
  2. One is a double, one is a single.
  3. One is a new release, one is a reissue.
  4. One is Canadian content, the other is not.
  5. You can kinda make out one.

The Prize:


Guess just one record and I will draw a picture for you, probably of a Schnauzer, but you never know.  Airplanes are also cool.

Guess both records and we will send you to Dr. Peter Venkman to be tested for ESP ability.

The big new release this week was the long awaited 8-disc Max Webster box set, The Party. It’s all their albums (except the “greatest hits” Diamonds Diamonds), a disc of unreleased rarities and the Kim Mitchell EP too.  Encore Records had it — 15 copies.  Sunrise had it too.  My copy was on pre-order from Amazon, for $89.99.

When I arrived at Sunrise, I nearly shit my pants.  They had it for $25 cheaper — only $64.99.  I jumped on my phone immediately, logged into my Amazon account and tried to cancel my pre-order.  It was already staged for shipping.  The cancellation wouldn’t go through?

What happened?  Was I able to cancel my Amazon order?  Would Sunrise still have the box set when I came back?  Tune back later today for the answer to today’s quiz and the conclusion to the story!


    1. HOLY FUCK WE HAVE A WINNER. I will start working on your drawing right away. Wow I thought I would at least be able to finish my lunch.

      Correct on Accept! 2 LP set, coloured vinyl limited to 700 copies. Japan has no bonus tracks, so I had to do it!

      The other record I don’t expect anyone to be able to guess randomly but I like your guesses.

      Well…better start drawing your picture.


        1. Well I keep reading good things, and I’m a fan of Tornillo, so I am hoping for more of the Accept that I like!

          Your prize will be posted within six hours, with the end of the Max Webster story!

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    1. REALLY good educated guess Geoff! I wish I could say you were right. I did look for Arkells but ultimately chose something else.

      Extra clue: the reissue in question plugged a gap in a collection.

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      1. Partial points! Do I get half a picture? Hahaha

        I’m at a loss as to which one you got from a band that would have toured with Voivod. There has to be a lot of bands. You did say it was a reissue though (which invalidates my Voivod guess as that’s a new release). I dunno, Rush?

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        1. Gimme a cookie!

          Also, for the Kim Mitchell box, if the cancellation didn’t go through, you could always just buy it at Sunrise, then return the one to Amazon and get your money back.

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        1. I am bummed at the price of that Webster set.
          Forcing us to buy all of the music we own (many times over) to get the little bit of unreleased stuff. Airbourne the same thing.

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  1. Those Sunrise bags are taking over our house too! lol
    We made it to Sunrise in Pickering (seems to be my favourite one…the guy there is very knowledgeable) for their Grand Opening…got some albums, some Junior Mints…and my first fidget-spinner. Now BuriedOnMars has the fidget-spinner…he’s the fidgety one..so it goes!

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