KISS Announce Final Tour

Did you catch  on America’s Got Talent?  I did — Mitch Lafon advised it would be wise.

Two takeaways:

1. Paul Stanley sounded good.  Much better than recent tours.

2. Kiss announced their upcoming tour will be their last.

Haven’t we heard this before?  Yes we sure have.  Given age, it’s much more believable now.  The tour could last three years according to Gene.

What do you think of this news? Will you catch Kiss for what might be the last time?




      1. Fair enough…I get that as I mean they were my first ever concert but good on em for throwing it out there…
        Hopefully they stick to it….
        Those two guys that run the show cn be tricksters….and not Cheap ones at that…haha


  1. The Kiss live show always delivers, and with a few beers in me, they sound spectacular. I’ll totally get suckered into this one. My only hope is that the tickets are in the ballpark of affordable and that they throw at least one or two deepish cuts in the set. You wanted the best…

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    1. Man I’d love to hear some stuff they never play live anymore. I don’t know why sometimes Kiss seem to be scared of their own success. “We have to play the songs people know”. No you don’t, not always! Play stuff like Mr. Speed, or Take Me, or whatever!


  2. I wonder if Tommy will rejoin Black ‘N Blue now, instead of pretening to be Ace. Nothing against him, I know they made him do it. Not sure I believe them. Hopefully for the very last show they do some kind of Kiss extravaganza with all living past members and maybe incorporate Little Caesar in honor of Eric Carr.

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      1. Not unless I receive a written guarantee signed by all members of the band, current and past and everyone they’ve ever slept with, that they will open with ‘Let’s Put The X in Sex’. Get that on my desk by lunchtime tomorrow and we’ll talk terms Mike.

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  3. I’m obviously not a fan, but I know they’ve been done before, so I can’t actually imagine there’s any truth in this being their last. Surely this is just a way of making a big stack of cash? Especially for the big ‘out of retirement’ pay offer they’ll get in a few years.

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  4. Nope. Saw them many times back when, then last time in Hamilton years ago on “one of those” “FINAL TOUR” shows with Ace and Peter. I rocked like mad!!! I’ll stick with those memories thanks.

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  5. I haven’t even watched my Vegas dvd and I got it over a year ago. I’m putting it off since I’m not keen on seeing Paul’s current vocal stage. I’ll get to it someday.

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