REVIEW: AC/DC – Can I Sit Next to You Girl (1974 radio broadcast)

AC/DC – Can I Sit Next to You Girl (1974 radio broadcast on Laser Media)

Very few things in this world kick as much ass as vintage live AC/DC.  If you need a taste, or everything you can get your hands on, then Can I Sit Next to You Girl will help.  The sound quality is alright, feedback notwithstanding.  The five included tracks are solid classics.

“She’s Got Balls” takes too long to get going (two whole minutes) and suffers a bit from feedback throughout.  Once you tune out the noise, you can appreciate one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time in Bon Scott.  “Soul Stripper” is slinky good, with Bon at his sassy best and Angus ripping it up delightfully.  On with the show:  a very raw “Show Business”.  Angus Young has solos after every verse, the energy palpable.  Moving on, next it’s “Can I Sit Next to You Girl” (the band’s first single with Dave Evans on vocals).  Bon snarls and Angus shrieks.

Perhaps best of all is the extended jam of “Baby Please Don’t Go”.  When AC/DC play for 10 minutes straight, it’s not like other bands.  It’s the relentless AC/DC groove machine, with Angus doing his thing as no other guitarist can.

Pick it up (cheap) and rock on, baby.

3/5 stars


  1. Nice and a 200 Wold Challenge as well!!
    Sometimes these Boots are the best especially the Soundboard shows..
    I have a Aero one from Donnington(1993) that is fantastic… the only knock is the Bass is low but its Aero live no fixing ups in the studio!

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        1. Actually Mikey…I forgot to tell you about another excellent Aerosmith Boot from Philadelphia 1978. Its a radio broadcast but its unedited and its amazing…
          I just put it on agin today and I would consider it as good as Live Bootleg…the quality is amazing…I’m writing a review on it shortly…


  2. Yeah, this one has a real mean sound sometimes. I love it. They would play those long boogie jams in the early days because they played a lot of clubs where people wanted to dance. I’ll need to get an official copy some day.

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