VHS Archives #72: The Best of Don Williams (1985)

Do you love TV ads for old records? Do you enjoy country crooners? Check out this TV spot for The Best of Don Williams!  (“The gentle giant!”)  In stores now!


The video tape is actually my dad’s.  The Don Williams ad was recorded when he was taping The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) starring Errol Flynn.  (Also on this tape:  Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) and Last of the Mohicans (1936).)  Finding the Don Williams ad was pure chance.  The reason I have this VHS tape is very special.  When my Grampa Ladano died, we found an old 8mm film in his house.  We converted it to VHS around 1984, at a video store in Stanley Park Mall.  It’s an old film from 1946 and it has my dad, grandfather and grandmother on it.  I never met my grandmother – she died when my dad was a little boy.  So the video tape itself is very special and now my Grampa is digital forever.


  1. Brilliant! Reminds me of the Daniel O’Donnell ads I saw when I was a kid.

    Also brilliant having the family video digitised!


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