#769.5: Paranormal Mail

As birthday celebrations creep into the following week, gifts continue to arrive!

Aaron of KMA fame is known far and wide for his generosity and creativity in finding the perfect gifts.  He was worried about this one.  Sending a digipack CD in a bubble mailer doesn’t always guarantee safe arrival.  He threw some plastic wrap around it as an extra layer of protection from the elements.  His precautions did the trick and now I am the happy owner of a signed copy of Alice Cooper’s Paranormal!

A great album, Paranormal is a fully-loaded deluxe double CD with a smoking live disc.  And now I have a signed copy to top it off.  Aaron and I briefly discussed what the hell would make someone trade in a signed Alice CD?  I didn’t have anything signed by Alice, until now.  This is a first for my collection.  Whatever the circumstances, I’m glad to be the benefactor.

Thanks Aaron — you know my “Paranoiac Personality” very well!


    1. Yup, donated at work. Sometimes we get things and I just go WHUH?!?! This was definitely one of those times. It got priced and put out for all of our shoppers to buy, but no one did. After watching it and enduring my full and appropriate staff purchase waiting time period, I promptly rescued it ‘cos I knew where it needed to live. I was right! :)


  1. Happy Happy to you, Mr. Lebrain! To repeat what you wrote, I was indeed quite worried about the autograph arriving un-smudged. I tried Googling the best ways to ship but most of what I found talked about top-load sleeve protectors for sports cards and comics. Not gonna work on this! Anyway, I didn’t wanna have you open it and be disappointed, so I’m super-glad it got to your collection intact. And your first Alice signature… That’s a rare, true honour to be able to provide! I’m glad you dig it, brother. Happy birthday!


  2. Maybe someone won it from a contest? Long time ago I won a signed cd by Nickelback. I still have it but could see someone else getting rid of it.


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