VIDEO: Dashcam Idiots #2 – How difficult is it to cross a street?!

Yesterday on my way home from work, I thought this guy was gonna eat it.


  1. As a resident of Waterloo I see this every damn day. Usually an idiot University student (or a whole group of them).
    Even worse when they have their face buried in their phone and have no idea. This is especially bad downtown when they are drunk and feeling invincible.

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    1. Waterloo is a nightmare! University and Albert, forget about it. I hate driving up there. It’s like the cars are the pedestrians and the pedestrians are the cars.


    1. He probably could! Funny, I was just talking about this yesterday. In my version of Home Alone 2, the thieves sue Kevin for damages. It’s a courtroom drama, my version. In a dual role, Joe Peschi would also play the lawyer Vinnie, representing the McAlister family. Brilliant eh!

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