REVIEW: Marillion – “Made Again (2020)”

MARILLION – “Made Again (2020)” (2020 iTunes)

It wasn’t that long ago, in this sad year, that Marillion gifted us a new version of “Easter” from their lockdown spaces.  Now, from the landmark Brave album, they’ve re-recorded the hopeful “Made Again”.

“I have been here many times before, in the life I used to live…”

Poignant.  We’re all grieving for the lives we used to live, some more than others.  I’m tiring very quickly of virus-themed songs, like that damn “I know there’ll be better days” ad I keep hearing on the TV.  It’s having the opposite effect on me and making me very bitter.

Since “Made Again” was written in 1994, it doesn’t have the stench of 2020 all over it.  We know the lyrics are being repurposed but it’s not so bad knowing their old origins.

“Like I woke up from a bad dream, to a brand new world.”

Unlike “Easter” this is a bit more of a complete arrangement, not abbreviated and without shortcuts.  You can buy the track for 99 cents on iTunes or watch the video on YouTube.  The video was painstakingly assembled from the at-home performance videos and fan footage sent in from all over the world.

We all need some optimism.

“I woke up from a deep sleep,
I woke up from a bad dream,
To a brand new morning,
To a brand new day,
Like the whole world has been made again.”

I hope so, guys.  I hope so.

5/5 stars



  1. I read once that the band was named after what the band saw as the two greatest creations in the universe. Meryl Streep and lions.


    Marillion to avoid legal action from Ms. Streep or lions. Myself? I would have gone with Keitellion, or if you needed it to be a lady, Ingridlion. Carygrantillion would be pretty awesome too. Jimmystewartllion?


    1. Lions, ey? Does that extend to Leos? And I myself would have been more partial to Lancehendriksillion or perhaps Alexandersiddiglion


        1. Knowing you I’m surprised it isn’t Michaelbayllion. Or Shialeboufllion.

          Harrydeanstantonllion is a great choice though. If you want to get the Estevez’s involved, Emillion is a good one. Even though his dad is a better actor. He outclasses his little brother Charliesheenllion by far.


        2. Ah yes, Mr Stanton is a fine actor. And I mustn’t forget Michaelchiklislion or Donalloguelion. In fact just make it [insert Gotham cast member’s name here]lion

          But back to Mr Henriksen, I just can’t get enough of his iconic line in Stone Cold.


      1. No, man. I’m American! I’ve heard their music maybe once, and that was well after the advent of the Internet. I definitely know nothing about Marillistory.

        But they took it from Tolkien? What a bunch of nerds!


    1. I’ve been avoiding 99.9% of that stuff, especially anything on the CBC… ugh just dreadful. Won’t even watch Geddy. I hope Blue Rodeo do something better than that singalong crap.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Saga! Well, I have a five CD Saga box set here waiting to be listened to. It’s five albums. I have a lot of box sets I have not played yet. My buddy T-Rev is the real Saga fan. He has everything.


        1. In the pre-internet days, T-Rev hunted high and low for some of these on CD. Replacing old cassettes. I remember we found Silent Knight at a CD Plus store that usually didn’t carry anything other than greatest hits albums for bands like Saga. I’m glad the reissues are making them readily available at least. Brian Doerner, who was the drummer in Saga for a short while in the mid-2000s, is a friend of mine.


        2. Oh! Well I’d say Brian was in the band for a little more than a “short while”… from 2005 to 2012, which made him one of the longer serving drummers in the band aside from original member Steve Negus. Even if he had to take time out in 2007 for health reasons.

          Mike Thorne has been in the band longer now, but he only managed to play on two Saga studio albums (Sagacity and the acoustic one, Symmetry), as opposed to Brian Doerner’s four. Just like Marillion, Saga’s output has decreased in frequency…


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