Martin Popoff chills with the Three Amigos at the Rock and Roll Highschool

Thank you Martin Popoff for a thunderous rock and roll chat on a locked-in Friday night!  Confronted by three Top Five Popoff lists, Martin threw it down!  From his books to his Youtube shows, we tried to cover a bit of everything.  Thank you Martin for giving us an hour of your Friday night.  If you haven’t read one of his terrific tomes yet, check out what’s available at  Money well spent!

We decided to take a three-pronged approach to the discussion by focusing on three Top Five lists:

  1. Deke – Top Five Martin Popoff Books
  2. Mike – Top Five albums I bought because of a 10/10 review in Riff Kills Man
  3. Eric – Top Five Martin Popoff YouTube appearances

From there the discussion flowed like a gin & tonic.

Hope you enjoyed the show!





        1. Very cool man. This is the first time I’ve had so many shows planned out in advance! Nice problem to have I’ll tell you. It reduces the stress of “what will I do” and “who will be on”. I’m so honoured that so many want to be on with me. I haven’t been short on guests in months. Last fully solo show was Halloween?

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      1. I love music that captures an atmosphere. That’s one of the reasons I love jazz. It’s so evocative of its time, era, recording place, etc. Most metal isn’t spacious enough to be atmospheric. It just rocks with brutality.

        Mercyful Fate are heavy as hell and manage to be atmospheric at the same time. That atmosphere is hell, demons, rituals, etc. King Diamond’s vocal layering and the heavy reverb/sea of guitars on Don’t Break the Oath make for one killer record that takes you on a journey. That’s why they’re one of my favorite metal bands. King’s solo career definitely did the same thing by leaning hard on the theatrics.


  1. When Martin got up to get a gin & tonic I laughed because I just watched the Trans Canada Highwaymen on Youtube doing a cover of Barenaked Ladies song Alcohol.
    The line in it goes “A Malibu and Coke for you, a g & t for me..” so Martin getting his g & t fit right in.

    Thanks for keeping us entertained. Even when he left, you guys kept at it.

    Glad Deke had the Max Webster book in his top 5 because that led Martin to mention Pye Dubois. I was worried about that guy. Not as much now.

    It seemed like Martin really enjoyed himself. I hope he comes back on one day.

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    1. I hope so too many. I really had a great time, and it was the biggest audience I’ve had so far too. We have a long lockdown ahead so hopefully we’ll keep the guests rolling in.


  2. Just my 2 cents. If Martin (or whatever guest is on) left them be the one to tell you when their time is up.
    He stuck around the comments and mentioned that maybe he should not have hung up.

    I suggest to ask the guest if they are ok going longer. I think he would have. Maybe stuck around another hour.

    Again. Just my 2 cents. I’ve never done a video chat with anyone, let alone a guy of that status so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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      1. You did not fuck anything up. He most likely told you he could give you an hour of his time.
        You respected his wishes.

        My guess is this will be part of the reason he will come back.

        Do not feel like shit. You had Martin Popoff on your channel last night, and will most likely be back. That is the thing to focus on.

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        1. Oh and I think you asked me about how to put the questions up on screen. That was me doing that. I sort of pick and choose. It was really hard to keep up with the comments and the stuff going on with Martin — actually a tough balance during any show!


    1. I asked Martin and he came back with an hour-ish or so as he said. He had no idea what us knuckleheads were up too. Next time he will roll longer with us. All good though.


  3. Looks like a great show, Mike – and you guys persuaded me to pick up a copy of “all my favourite people are broken,” I have a feeling you’ll convince me to pick up some of Mr. Popoff’s work as well!

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  4. Great show Mike! Sorry I couldn’t make it for the livestream, but again I loved being able to listen to the conversation versus commenting on everything that I found interesting throughout the discussion. I love how you brought up Martin’s way with words and the descriptions he uses to describe the albums because I struggle with that myself. Because of that, I try to do a more storytelling approach and what the songs mean to me and my personal take on them. I’m definitely checking out those Sea of Tranquility videos where they talk about bands with the worst album covers! Thanks again to Deke for getting Martin to do the show; I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Eric/Uncle Meat for discussing his top five Martin Popoff YouTube appearances because it made me motivated to watch more Sea of Tranquility videos (I’ve only seen about five so far).

    By the way for the best riffs of the 70s show, AC/DC should be on there in my humble opinion!

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    1. Well Lana, given some of the people who will be appearing on the riffs show, you can probably expect some AC/DC!

      Thanks for watching and checking out the show. And I’m glad you enjoyed the questions. We all had a great time. And that’s the whole point, right?

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      1. Oh is Kevin gonna be there?!?!

        Absolutely! That’s what I love about your show; getting together, having a great time and bonding over music. Martin Popoff is amazing. I just got around to watching the four part rant of bands with the worst album covers episode on Sea of Tranquility and I agreed with his points.

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  5. Hi Mike, I found your site a few years ago, when I was looking for fan reviews of Kiss albums. I’ve enjoyed your reviews and commentary on Kiss, Dio/Sabbath, and Loudness, in particular. This video with Popoff was especially fun, since I’ve traded occasional emails with Martin for over 20 years. I first wrote to him after getting the original Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal, when it was new in 1997. Lately, I’ve watched the same SOT videos you guys discussed, and of course I have numerous Popoff-written books. So it was great to get some behind the scenes info on all of these things. I usually find your posts days or weeks after they go online, so I finally have a chance here to comment relatively close to the actual event. Cheers!

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    1. Hey Marc thanks for the terrific comment! Yes, Martin has been answering my emails since First Contact as well — he’s really good about that, and I really appreciate the way he personalizes the books he sends out.

      And thanks for reading my stuff too, and thanks for noticing the Loudness. More to come! I have another Loudness review in the bag and three more albums in the mail.


  6. Really cool show and what a great idea to split topics among u three. It was like a prelude, the beef and encore except on this any one of them could be placed in each spot. Fun show and lot’s of cool info. I’m starting to cave in to getting that Hair metal book…

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      1. I can relate. My first ones were Snow, which I still adore and V, which is another good one. They are still in my to be checked file whenever a new album comes out. Do u remember which album yours was?


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