VHS Archives #101: The Wisdom of Michael Schenker (1987)

‘Twas the Pepsi Power Hour in 1987, and Erica Ehm asked Michael Schenker a question about fast guitar players.  In just a minute and 15 seconds, he responded with a remarkable amount of wisdom.  From MuchMusic.



    1. His stuff with UFO was really good. McCauley Schenker Group was a typical c-list AOR butt rock band. Pure cheese. I’m not a big Scorpions guy either, so take that with a grain of salt.

      The Rudolf feud seems ridiculous. At least the old Red Nosed Reindeer is taking the high ground by staying quiet as his brother trashes him monthly.

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      1. You bet. So many players play against the song, forcing too much or not enough where it’s needed. It’s the art of listening, then playing the spaces and knowing when and what to play.


        1. I think Andy Summers was the master at playing the spaces. Rarely took solos, didn’t need to at all. A three piece with sparse intricate chord guitar play that still sounded full.


        2. Stew’s still one of my favorite drummers ever. Just the way he plays is so intriguing and hooky. The hi-hat work, playing in front of the beat.

          Sting’s songwriting speaks for itself. Total masters of their craft. Greater together than apart.


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