Rest in Peace Norm Macdonald (1959-2021)

Norm Macdonald had been fighting cancer for nine years, and none of us knew about it.  That takes guts, to just keep on keeping on.  What a man Norm Macdonald must have been.

Side-splittingly funny.  Like most of us, I first saw Norm on Saturday Night Live.  Then came my favourite, Dirty Work, and of course all the understated brilliance that’s waiting on YouTube for you to discover.

His style was like his fingerprint.  Laid back.  Meandering.  Riveting.

There are others who can say it better than I can, so go on Twitter and read what they wrote.  Seth Rogen cites Norm as a prime influence.  Tom Green counts him as a friend.  Hearts are broken today.  So have a laugh courtesy of Norm Macdonald.  Rest in peace




  1. There will NEVER be another one like him.
    Norm made me happy.
    No comedian/celebrity/musician has ever meant as much to me and that is saying A LOT.

    I held back the tears when Johnny Cash passed, but I couldn’t do it today.
    This is a really sad day.

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  2. Nice tribute to a comedy legend, Mike. I remember seeing Norm’s stand-up routines on various TV shows in the ’80s and was thrilled when he showed up on SNL (as inarguably the best Weekend Update anchor). Hes been my favorite comic for a long time and he will be sorely missed. As I wrote on my Facebook page today, Earth will be a significantly less funny planet without him on it.

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