Rest in Peace, Michael Lee Aday – “Meat Loaf”

Though he hasn’t been in the best of health in recent years, I didn’t see this coming.

Because of his size, Michael (Marvin) Aday named his first band Meat Loaf Soul.  The name stuck.  He was offered recording contracts, but felt that he wasn’t being taken seriously.  He worked in musicals, such as Hair and the The Rocky Horror Show, which gave him his big break.  As Eddie, he was cast in the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He was unforgettable even in that jam-packed film.  Next came Jim Steinman, and Bat Out of Hell.

Bat and Bat II will go down as some of Meat Loaf’s most remembered albums, among Dead Ringer, Midnight at the Lost and Found, and Bad Attitude.  His movie career continued to bloom with memorable roles in films like Fight Club and Spice World.  He even sang and appeared as Jack Black’s dad in Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny.

Meat Loaf had intended to record seven songs for a new live/studio album this month.  Sadly this will never come to be.

Rest in peace, Meat Loaf.



  1. “Though he hasn’t been in the best of health in recent years, I didn’t see this coming.“

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Maybe he can now see paradise by the dashboard light.

    Reminds me of the joke about the atheist‘s funeral: all dressed up and no place to go.

    I never saw him live. I had tickets for a concert a couple of years ago, but it was cancelled.

    A dead ringer now. Can heaven wait?

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  2. A buddy of mine is Meat’s biggest fan so I saw him live a few times. Very entertaining and charismatic performer. I had tickets about 5-6 years ago but the show got postponed and I couldn’t make the new date – by all accounts his voice was shot by then and the shows were getting really poor reviews so I don’t mind missing that. Glad I saw him when I did.

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  3. Sad postscript on Meat Loaf: He died of COVID, and was an anti-vaxxer.

    At the moment the main reason the pandemic is continuing is because people who could be vaccinated are not, usually because they believe some sort of bullshit. Sad. So with that in mind it’s worth making a joke at his expense. Perhaps he discussed vaccination with someone he loved, but then said “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that”. :-(

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    1. Thank you Phillip. I am sad that his death was probably preventable with a simple needle.

      I have been working from home for the last two days because of a Covid outbreak at my work. And the person who got infects was also unvaxxinated. And it upended my life for the last two days. I am not equipped to work from home and it was not a good last couple days. Plus the stress of not knowing if I was exposed. I plan on testing myself tomorrow.


  4. Sad for his death but his views on vaccinations was so wrong.

    I saw an interview where he was questioned about his views and he was uncomfortable with it, just stating that he does his own research when the interviewer confronted him with science.


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