Dashcam Idiots: Guy backs out of driveway into a ditch


        1. I am. Harrison will probably testify that in our fictional world I’m always toying with Tee Bone’s sanity. In fact Harrison had to dial me back a little bit in my next chapter. I love fucking around!

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        2. Well we were wondering if you were going to throw your hat in the ring. Get in touch with him — we have a continuity and characters that we are pretty protective of, I’m kinda the Gene Roddenberry of the operation, but Harrison really knows how to make things work.

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        3. Send him your idea. He’ll yell you if anything conflicts right off the bat.

          Having said this, I’ll spoil now for the readers that we are wrapping up Phase One and entering Phase Two. Phase Two is going full multiverse. Any story you have, can potentially fit it an alternate universe.

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