VIDEO: Opening Weekend at the Cottage – April 15 2023

Jen and I made the trip up to the cottage with my dad on Saturday April 15 – opening weekend.  A full two weeks earlier than 2022.  I finally feel alive again!  I’m back, baby!  I’m back.

Music on the trip up:

Music on the trip back:

There was only one hiccup on the way home.  I almost got a speeding ticket.  The only reason I didn’t was the officer had to respond to an emergency immediately.  Whew.  That was close.

The lake levels are down this year and the water smelled terrible.  We can hope that this changes in the summer, but there are no guarantees.  The water may remain shallow and stinky.  If so, we will have to go elsewhere to swim this summer!

Please enjoy this brief video of nature, beauty, and one weird-ass castle.


    1. The water was not moving at all…normally when it’s active, it washes away all the dead sea creatures and weeds and muck. But instead, the water line retreated, and revealed more of them. The lack of movement just ensured these smells lingered. I hope when we go back, the water levels are higher. They are calling for a lot of rain this week.


  1. That’s not a weird castle, that’s an incredibly ordinary castle. Yep, there isn’t a single interesting thing happening in there, no sir. In fact, it is the most plain castle I’ve ever seen.


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        1. Last I checked the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

          But to be honest it was probably a guy who buys a bunch of Japanese imports :)

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