REVIEW: VAN HALEN – “Right Now” cassette single

VAN HALEN – “Right Now” (1992 cassette single, Warner)

“Right Now”, the cassette single version, – featuring two non-album versions of the title track.

side one:

  1. Right Now (single mix)
  2. Man on a Mission (album version)

side two:

  1. Right Now (edit)
  2. Man on a Mission (album version)

There are two interesting things about this cassette.  First, I’ve never encountered that “Right Now” remix on any other format.  No CD, no vinyl, nothing that has a longer lifespan than a cassette.  Cassettes are not that durable.  I want to get this thing burned to CD as soon as possible.   Second, the remix is actually quite cool.  It features an organ solo instead of guitar, and you won’t hear this version anywhere else.  Any serious fan of Edward Van Halen would be interested in hearing it.

I find it a little odd that the b-side “Man on a Mission” appears twice.  Shame about that, as I consider it easily one of the worst songs on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. 

3/5 stars.  A neat little-known oddity.



  1. I guess post is a little old by now, but I’ve been trying to find information about a version of “Right Now” without the guitar solo that I’ve heard on the radio a few times recently, and it sounds like it might actually be this remix. I haven’t found anything else about it besides this post so far. As much as I love the guitar solo in that song, hearing it with just the organ like that is really cool!

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    1. I assumed it was a remix. It’s really bizarre how this version is virtually unknown today. There must have been thousands of those old cassette single floating around! It needs a CD or vinyl reissue.


      1. I really had no idea it even existed until about a week ago when it came on my local classic rock station. At first I thought maybe my speaker was busted and I was just hearing the “other side” of the song. But it came on again yesterday, so I made sure to switch on a few devices so I could compare, and sure enough, the guitar solo just wasn’t there. You seem to have the most detailed writeup of it on the internet, so thanks for this post! Now I need to keep an eye out for this single.


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