REVIEW: KISS – Lick It Up (1983)

Part 20 of my series of Kiss reviews, leading up to the release of Monster!

KISS – Lick It Up (1983)

And off came the makeup.  Showing up for the cover photo session in their street clothes, the world now knew what Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, and Vinnie Vincent looked like.  I always found that concept kind of funny — like, did anyone care what Vinnie Vincent looked like?  It wasn’t until much later — around 1986 — that I first saw a photo of Ace Frehley without makeup.  I cared a lot more about that!

Musically?  What a rebirth! Like a snake shedding its skin (ooh, I bet Gene would have loved my analogy there) Kiss found new life on Lick It Up. This is a strong, strong album, almost as strong as Creatures Of The Night. Fresh blood, a fresh look, and new freedom to be taken seriously as musicians gave Kiss a serious kick in the pants. It might not be considered classic today by critics, but the song “Lick It Up” only left the setlist briefly during the 96-97 reunion tour.

Witness the strenths:

1. All songs written by the band, no outside writers, thanks to the strong talents of Vinnie Vincent.
2. All songs played by the band except one solo by Rick Derringer (“Exciter”).
3. A fresh sound thanks to Vinnie Vincent.

I’ve always said this: When restrained, Vinnie Vincent is one of my favourite guitar players. His tone on Lick It Up is just oustanding and so unique. When left to his own devices like on his solo albums, his playing sounds like razor blades in your ears. Here, he plays melodically, powerfully, and manipulates his tone with his hands like an artist. Hear his guitar whine and cry as only a master can make it do.  He could have been a guitar hero if he wasn’t a psycho!

Every song is good, not one bad tune in the pack.  Some of my favourites include:

  • “Exciter”, a great riffy opener with a catchy chorus.
  • “Not For The Innocent” which has a bit of Vinnie’s “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” riff at the end there.
  • “A Million To One” which probably would have made a great third single.
  • “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” — Eric Carr’s Zeppelin influences meet Paul’s…rapping?
  • “Dance All Over Your Face” which is a slow monster plod Gene song with a great chorus.
  • “And On The 8th Day”, the album closer, and another song that spun off of Vinnie’s original “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” demo.

Any one of those songs can stand up with the best rock songs in the Kiss canon.  And you’ll noticed I didn’t include “Lick It Up” itself.  That’s how strong this album is.  It’s also worth noting that two other songs from this album were frequently performed live.  Gene’s “Fits Like A Glove” was one of those speedy songs that Kiss were starting to do in the 80’s.  So was “Young and Wasted”, which Eric Carr sang live.

The Japanese had a neat idea when issuing this on LP. They put on obi sheet over the non-makeup cover, featuring Kiss in makeup — you had to buy the LP and remove it to see Kiss’ real faces! This was a great idea, and is the origin of the rumours that Japan had a makeup cover while the rest of the world did not.  Also, this obi featured Vinnie’s only cover photo in makeup.

Vinnie Vincent proved to be too unstable a personality to stay in the band much longer.  Gene and Paul have always said Vinnie was a gifted writer,  and he’d come back as a writer 1992’s Revenge. Keep reading LeBrain’s Blog for the story there!

Lick It Up to me is a classic, and it deserves no less than:

5/5 stars


  1. Surely the hoopla about the cover of this record was all about them not having make-up on anymore. But there’s something else going on here. Think of photography 101: the image isn’t even centered. There’s plenty of room for Stanley’s arm on the right edge, but the dude on the left’s arm has been cut off. Seriously unprofessional. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


  2. Well noticed about the cover.. never really thought about that. Maybe they wanted the tongue more centre-stage?! Their best record along with Alive! I think. Maybe even my favourite studio album of all-time too!

    Such a good blog, Mike. I know I’m always commenting on the KISS stuff but there’s so much good stuff here… you should do all of the Queensryche catalogue next!


    1. So glad for the comment man. Really glad you’re enjoying. I am having an absolute blast revisiting them right now.

      Queesryche eh? I had a request earlier today to do all the Maidens. The idea of revisiting the Maidens excites me more, but I haven’t listened to Rage For Order in a long time…I think I’d like that!


      1. You’re very welcome! I’d be up for Maiden too but thought Queensryche might be more controversial! Everyone has such wildly different opinions about them. It’d be quite topical too with recent events!?


  3. That’s a good point. Besides there are some albums I still haven’t really made up my mind about, like the last one and Mindcrime II. It would be fun to commnit to a rating! Unfortunately I never bought American Soldier.


  4. American Soldier is the best of those three I think. I thought it was great, got the classic ‘Ryche vibe from that one. At 30,000ft is one of the best songs they’ve done for a while. More polished and less of the downtuned stuff on it so it feels more like the original band.


  5. Can’t believe I missed this review…. I totally love this album, it’s almost as good as Creatures Of The Night. Vinnie Vincent has always been one helluva songwriter although I find him somewhat annoying as a guitar player. But those songs… damn!
    Speakimng of Vinnie, the verses on And On The 8th Day are the original verses from his song Boyz Are Gonna Rock. He had to write new verses for the chorus for that song when he recorded the first Invasion album. The same with Baby-O. The verses from that song became the verses on Lick It Up.
    Oh yeag, speaking of Vinnie again, he wears a wig on this cover…


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