DVD REVIEW: Van Halen – Video Hits Volume I (1998)

VAN HALEN – Video Hits Volume I (1998 DVD)

Van Halen had some of the best videos of the 80s, bar none. After David Lee Roth, the visionary behind the videos, left the band, they refused to film any new clips for their first six singles with Sammy Hagar! They didn’t want the comparisons.  Instead they released live versions of singles as videos.  They finally filmed an actual studio video for the ballad “When It’s Love” in late 1988.

It seems Van Halen still can’t reconcile all the different singers from the past.  That is obvious by the omissions from this disc.  Go ahead and list the missing videos:

The excellently corny “Oh Pretty Woman”. “You Really Got Me”, the timeless Kinks cover. The live videos for “Unchained” and “So This Is Love”. All the live video clips are missing, even Sammy’s debut in “Why Can’t This Be Love”.  As is Gary Cherone’s “Fire In The Hole”. “Feels So Good”, “Top of the World”, “Amsterdam”…all missing.

At least they included one Cherone video (“Without You”), but then again, he was the band’s current singer when this was released in 1998.  It would have been weird if he wasn’t on it.  He hasn’t made an appearance or even been mentioned on any Van Halen releases since.

For Van Halen to refuse to release those videos on DVD just indicates they’re scared of their own shadows. You can’t bury your past, you may as well celebrate it.

2/5 stars


  1. I didn’t realise that Roth had such an influence on the videos, though thinking about it now it makes sense. Strange that they would release something like this with so much missing.

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    1. I believe Roth scripted all their old videos. He was hands-on. I don’t think he had a director credit but looking at those videos, and him as a solo artist, you can see those videos were all him.

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  2. i have this!!! It’s been ages since I’ve watched it. Thank u for reminding me once again. How come u have such excellent taste in music? What were your thoughts on Gary on vocals? I liked him. Maybe not for Van Halen but that disc is not as bad as it’s reputation. When the brothers released their latest comp I couldn’t stop listening to it. The best of both worlds one.

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    1. I liked Gary. I think they could have done a second album with him. Van Halen III is a dark album but that doesn’t make it bad! It’s just not party rock. There aren’t any party rock tunes on the album except maybe “Without You”.


  3. Ed’s toque is classic in that shot…
    VH is good for putting out crap videos the only decent one being Live Without A Net…
    Right Here Right Now was awful with all the editing and this one is a who cares……

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    1. You were right to do so! If Van Halen put out a full DVD of all their videos — like Iron Maiden did a few years ago — it would be well loved by the fans for good reason. I forgot to mention in the review, even You Really Got Me isn’t on this.

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        1. I don’t think she ever had any influence over the music. I think she tried to help him as best she could but the only thing she could do was leave him, since he seems to be a hopeless drunk.

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  4. This is for Geoff Stephen…

    Deke’s Rock Math….

    Super Talented band -Lazy+Half Assed Video Compilations + many years of inactivity+ Silence-Bickering divided by Noel Monk trying to salvage a sinking sink financially= Frustrated Fan Base!

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  5. only 2 Dave clips? Why bother guys? I mean I get Gary was in at the time but still, like Sabbath with Tony Martin you’re clipping your own history as well as an on the outs (at that moment) singer. Shortsighted.

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    1. Agreed. I really do wish they spent more time with Gary. He was willing to sing anything live. People squawked and chirped but I think the VHIII show from Australia with Gary was good. He sure did try his best. But I guess it was an impossible situation.


      1. Agree on Gary. Amazing singer with his own style and look (suits!) VH III was just the wrong disc at that time. When bringing on a new frontman it’s not the time for musical exparimentation. That can’t be spelled right.
        We all get what I’m saying.

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        1. I love suits in rock and roll. Scott Weiland looked great in a suit. And of course Queen wore suits later. Alex Lifeson.

          I get what you’re saying and I agree. Van Halen III really should have been the third album by that lineup. Also I feel it suffered for a lack of Michael Anthony. It’s weird but I always felt that way, years before I knew that he only played on 3 tunes. Something felt less…Anthony.

          Having said that, I think the current band with Wolfie is what it needs to be. Wolfie is, I feel, the only member able to inspire Eddie Van Halen to shit or get off the pot.


  6. I always preferred Weird Al’s version of the “Right Now” video:

    “Right Now – Al is getting bored with this video.”

    “Right Now – Al is stopping it to put on something good.”

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    1. HAH! Dale, thanks for the memory! I love Weird Al. I’m still waiting for my sister to get me some pictures of Weird Al’s underwear from when we saw him in 1995. Yes Weird Al’s underwear. She has some. LOL


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