REVIEW: KISS – Icon and Icon 2 (2010)

The 49th and penultimate instalment in my series of Kiss reviews, all leading up to the release of Monster

KISS – Icon and Icon 2 (2010)

OK, this is where I lose it!

Fuck you, The Island Def Jam Music Group, for putting out these discs!  These suck!

Kiss Icon:  IDENTICAL to 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection:  The Best of Kiss Vol. 1Exactly the same, track for track.  Without the liner notes, and suckier cover art.

Kiss Icon 2:  This time, a 2 disc set.  Logically, you’d assume it would be Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 of the Millenium Collection, right?  Well, hell no.  It has some of those songs, but it also has songs that weren’t on those, like “A World Without Heroes” and “Shandi”.  But…BUT!  The first disc of this set?  It’s just Icon over again!  Yes, disc 1 of Icon 2 is just Icon, over again!  But it doesn’t tell you that.  It also has an incorrect song listed!  The cover says “Shout It Out Loud (Live)” is the last track of disc 1.  But no.  The last track on disc 1 actually is “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”, just like the Millenium Collection.

But wait, I ain’t done!  Disc 2, track 1, is “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”…AGAIN!

GAHHH!  Just…stop putting this shit out!

-101/5 stars


  1. Wow, somebody really was asleep at the wheel. I wonder if the band knows how bad these disc are.

    I am curious about your rating system, when it reaches the negatives. I mean, is it exponential, below zero? Or are there really 101 strikes against these sets? Because really, when you think about it, this sort of jackass douchebaggery is pretty bloody funny.

    Seriously, though, you should look it up. If U2 was putting out a new album anywhere near the release of these discs, I can guarantee you that Island’s attention was on them, not on this release.


  2. I was going to score it 0/5 stars. Then I thought, to make my point better, I better make it a negative number. -1? Nah. -5? How about -101? That’s basically it. I would never tell anybody — ANYBODY — to buy these. Stay away. Useless crapola.


  3. Do you think KISS has anything to do with this? As much as they have say over their merch, I’d think they’d have the same say over their catalog? Maybe they do and just don’t care? Curious how that all works.


    1. Great question Dustin…I feel that the bands have little or nothing to do with these releases. Kiss aren’t on this label anymore, and in fact as soon as they were off Universal, that’s when all the hits compilations REALLY poured out. The Very Best Of was their first CD that was released by Universal after the band left.

      I think Gene and Paul probably hear about these releases through the lawyers etc. and may have to sign off on them, but I think that’s about it.


      1. Yeah – it’s disappointing that they really effed up this one. Wasn’t their last album released with UME? Or did they leave after that? (I know Sonic Boom was Walmart-only.) I don’t follow KISS too closely but I like some of their stuff and I love discussing catalog projects like this – epsecially if they’re effed up! Have you seen this? If it wasn’t so CRAZY expensive, I’d get one!


        1. Sonic Boom is on Universal, you’re right — but I’m not sure if that was a record deal, or a one-off. I think with a lot of these older bands like Kiss, they might tend to make single record deals with labels.

          And YES I’ve seen that and would LOVE to be one of the 1000 or so people that will get to have one. Unfortunately I have a car and a mortgage!


  4. I was talking about Monster – I didn’t know about Sonic Boom. About the boxed set;: if you just take the cost divided by number of albums – that’s about $51 a piece! I don’t care about the other items so I didn’t figure those in. Crazy! Too bad UME won’t send you a review copy! haha


    1. I would give it a very glowing review, please UME…

      $51 a piece per album. And I think six of the records in here are “exclusive” to the set. I don’t care so much about the other stuff inside either, but I have to admit a Kiss LP road case would make my day!


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