REVIEW: Oasis – Wibbling Rivalry (1995 CD single)

OASIS Wibbling Rivalry (single/bootleg, 1995)

It all started with an interview with Q magazine.  The spark was only the slightly mischievous question, “How do you feel about the fact that, already, Oasis have attracted a reputation for being rock’n’roll animals?”

What followed was, possibly, the greatest train wreck interview in all history, which luckily was recorded and released by a label called “Fierce Panda” under the name Oas*s.

I really have nothing else to say.  I’ll let Noel and Liam say it all.  Just buy it.  You need this.  Some highlights:

Liam: No…No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Noel: Fuck off! Bullshit! Bullshit!

Or how about this classic:

Liam: You get into situations…
Noel: No…you think it’s rock’n’roll to get thrown off a ferry, and it’s not.
Liam: I don’t think it’s rock’n’ roll.
Noel: You fucking…that was your quote, you prick! That was your quote!
Liam: No it weren’t! No it weren’t! No it weren’t!

My favourite:

Noel: Do you know John Lennon?
Liam: Do you know him?
Noel: I don’t, but do you?
Liam: Yeah.
Noel: Well, you must be pretty old. How old are you? 21?
Liam: No. About a fucking thousand-and-five fuckin’ one.

5/5 fucking stars

Please note: a fucking thousand-and-five fuckin’ one” is not an actual number.


  1. No, and I probably wouldn’t have. My sister saw them all three nights in NYC on that tour. Said she saw Oasis the first night, the next two nights she was there for the Crowes and left when Oasis played. I’d have been right with her.

    I dunno, man. I know a ton of people who dig that stuff like crazy – you included. Me, it just hits my ears wrong. Sounds like whiny cats in a blender. Just awful. When they ended their stint, all I could think was “yeah well, down the hatch.” So all deference to fans everywhere, don’t flame this comment or Mike’s lovely site. But my opinion has stood for years on those guys. I don’t find anything good in it, I don’t own any Oasis albums and I don’t plan to, either.


  2. That’s all well and good, but do you enjoy recordings of people with British accents swearing for 15 minutes straight? I do. Maiden have a 5 minute track like that (“Mission From ‘Arry”) on one of their singles. But this is even better than that. This is almost 14 solid minutes of pure gold.


    1. I suppose listening to British people swear would have a sort of novelty, but there has to be a point to it. I can’t see this being marginally interesting more than once. I just don’t have any time for Oasis – all deference to people who do. I just can’t get to them, so listen to them ramble nonsensically and swear blue streaks (probably while under the influence of one or more substances) isn’t appealing to me at all. In fact, it’s pathetic.


      1. Well, at least I got some controversy going! Perhaps you would like the Maiden one, which didn’t need and substances. All it needed was a Bruce Dickinson with a tape recorder in his pocket stirring up trouble after the show…


        1. But when you’ve already bought all the albums and singles, all that’s left is unofficial stuff like this. And I laugh EVERY time!

          “About a fucking thousdand and five fucking one.”

          Still makes me laugh today.


  3. This is amazing and woudl you believe it Mike…….I have this very CD at home!!

    I used to be a huuuuuuuge Oasis fan, for a good 10-12 years. I bought everything and anything they made. I got rid of some of their CDs over time (the rubbish later albums haha) but I still have this because it’s unique!

    How cool / strange is that?!!!!!!!!! :D

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      The rubbish later albums, I sure tried to get into them, but when Liam started writing…yuck. Songs like Lyla…yuck! The last proper album of theirs was Be Here Now the way I see it.

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      1. Definitely Maybe and What’s the Story are really the only two brilliant Oasis albums but I agree Be Here Now isn’t bad and it was released in the 90s wasn’t it, so still had that ‘Oasis’ feel.

        There’s certain songs off the later albums I liked (I loved ‘Fuckin in the Bushes’ even though the album was awful) but that true “Oasis” feel of the 1990s was never captured again. They were different :(

        Lyla! Ha ha ha. No thanks!!! :)

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  4. Up there in their Top 5. But, then again, everything they did in the early 90s was brilliant. Their b-sides album is great, their first 3 records are great and their arguments are very entertaining. Apparently, they were so big that this made it on to the charts
    Still kind of sad that they keep using this argument shtick now. Noel is doing some good stuff. Liam’s out there too.
    Beyond the fact that they were basically a couple of football hooligans with a love for the Beatles, they were a pretty entertaining bunch them Gallaghers.

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    1. Hey Jim! I wish they would just kiss and makeup, life is too short to stay angry. And yes I remember this thing charting! Crazy to imagine.

      I’m going to pick up one of Liam’s albums, just need to locate a Japanese import so I get the bonus tracks.


      1. Hi, Mike,

        That sounds good. I’ve listened to both Liam and Noel’s. I tend to prefer Noel’s if I am being honest. Who built the moon had some great songwriting. Wasn’t too crazy about the latest EP,
        As for Liam’s records, they’re fine. A lot of energy and the singing is almost back to where it was a decade ago. Still, I think it’s missing his brother’s songs.

        Yeah, making up might just be the best thing for everyone!

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        1. The reason I was thinking of going for Liam is that I was really heavily into Beady Eye when that band started. I have a Beady Eye box set of singles from the first album, just a ton of Beady Eye! I just really loved that first album. Though I have not played it in a long time.


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