REVIEW: Rush – “The Pass” (1990 single)

RUSH – “The Pass” (1990 single)

The discussion came up during Thanksgiving.  I had the laptop up at the cottage, and the whole family listening to the 80’s Weekend on our favorite rock station, 107.5 Dave FM.  As part of it, they played “Time Stand Still” by Rush.

I asked my sister Kathryn, “Is this your favourite Rush of the 80’s?”

“No,” came the answer.  “I prefer ‘The Pass'”.

So that got me thinkin’.  Yeah, “The Pass” was an awesome song!  Sure it’s not “YYZ” or “Subdivisions” or one of those better known 80’s anthems, but it stands up.  I enjoyed the production, with the emphasis on Geddy’s bass as the main hook.  I always preferred this song to the first single from Presto, “Show Don’t Tell”.  I was disappointed that “The Pass” was not one of the Rush singles chosen to be on their compilation, Chronicles.  “The Pass” is well crafted song, lyrically relevant, emotional yet tough.

  1. “The Pass” (Radio Edit)”  4:04
  2. “The Pass” 4:51

4/5 stars



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