REVIEW: Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ (1994)


JESUS CHRIST – Jesus Christ (1994 Hypnotic)

Jesus Christ were formerly a glam band; a really decent glam band called Attitude. You may recall their video on Much for “Tear The Walls Down”. I still have their indi cassette, and some of the songs on it were pretty good. Grunge then came and went, and Attitude decided to toughen up, and go full-on metal. They changed their name to Jesus Christ for attention, which didn’t really work.

You can find this CD in just about every clearance bin in the province. I paid $24.99 at HMV in 1994 without hearing a note; a decade later I was clearing these out of my bargain bin for 99 cents.

Musically this is really heavy, poorly produced detuned sludge-thrash metal circa 1994 when you weren’t allowed to have catchy riffs or solos anymore. Lots of screaming vocals, not a lot of catchy parts or memorable songs. Downtuned guitars and pseudo-metal grooves are the norm here. It kind of reminds me of an early 90’s version of St. Anger. Headache inducing, harsh, not a lot of melody or songcraft.

Best tunes:

  • “Peace By Piece” (angry song…rahr!)
  • “I Hate” (another angry one, rahr rahr! but with some dynamics)
  • “Ace of Spades” (yes, a Motorhead cover)

And that’s pretty much it. The rest is one chugging detuned song into the other.

2/5 stars




        1. Sure why not? Certain things have come to light. And, you know, has it ever occurred to you, that, instead of, uh, you know, running around, uh, uh, blaming me, you know, given the nature of all this new shit, you know, I-I-I-I… this could be a-a-a-a lot more, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, complex, I mean, it’s not just, it might not be just such a simple… uh, you know?


  1. I have never, ever seen this album anywhere. I am king of the bargain bins (in my own mind) and I think I’d remember a CD named after ol’ JC. Weird. Ah well, from your write-up, it doesn’t sound like I missed much…


  2. I think I seen a add for this in MEAT Magazine at the time…I thought well there’s a way to sell yourself…obviously that did not work for em…..
    Great flashback article Mike..sometimes I feel like I’m in a time machine with your reviews!


        1. The one CD that I really couldn’t get rid of, even more than this one, was the Backstreet Boys first US album. I had a box full of them…probably 50 copies. I ended up having to throw about half of them out.


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