Can Tate and Queensryche patch it up?

Blabbermouth asked that question.  Tate says he’s up for it, now it’s up to Queensryche I guess.

When asked about the now-infamous “knife incident”, Geoff said, “Definitely, I regret my actions that night,” he said. “And I’m not making any excuses for it; it was definitely the wrong way to handle things. And I’m not trying to justify it, but bands are bands and we’re a bunch of guys, and sometimes guys are physical [laughs], and it’s happened many times over the years. The Who, for example, is a band that is pretty known for getting into brawls and things like this. It’s not uncommon, definitely.”

I don’t think Tate’s a bad person, he’s an artist, so are Queensryche, artists can be emotional sometimes.  Maybe they can patch it up.  Who knows.

But on the other hand, I’m curious what the new Queensryche with Todd La Torre have in store.  I dig the return to the metal.  I want to see what they can do, because the Queensryche name has been (in my opinion) tarnished in recent years by substandard albums and cabarets and all this.  I’d like to see Queensryche make a real metal album again, and I don’t know if they can do that with Geoff Tate.

But what do I know?  I’m just a guy.

What do you think?

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  1. A Message To Queensryche: DON’T DO IT! You have successfully told Stabby McStabbypants to fuck off, and you need to stick to your guns. You never, ever, ever let the aggressor in an abusive relationship worm their way back in with charm and weak excuses. The Who? Give me a break! Queensryche! NO NO NO NO NO! And do you know why you shouldn’t let him come back, a gang of mates or not? BECAUSE HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. No matter what promises he makes. No matter what he does or says. If he’s capable of it “many times over the years” – and c’mon, admit it, things were shit for years – he is capable of it again.

    Queensryche! JUST SAY NO! Do not let Stabby McStabbypants back in! Nyet! Non! Nein!


  2. Hmm.. dunno, I think they’ve gone too far to patch things up… It all hinges on new material for me. (The new) Queensryche have to shit or get off the pot. If they just do nostalgia tours and don’t bother releasing new material then I’ll be inclined to believe Stabby McStabbypants point of view. If they bring out a good new album then they’re better off without Stabby and he can go sell wine or something.

    And if they get back together this soon then I declare shenanigans! The whole thing has just been a publicity stunt. This band hasn’t had this much coverage in aeons!


    1. I have confidence that Queensryche will be out of the gates with a new album in 2013. If it brings back the guitar stylings that I miss, along with La Torre’s vocal range, then let it be!


    2. I hadn’t been cynical enough to consider that this was could have been planned in advance to generate publicity. Damn, I hope not. The fact remains that Stabby threatened that Dude with a KNIFE, and that’s reportedly just one in a long line of incidents. I’m sorry, that’s not just friends messing around. And now he’s trying to downplay it to worm his way back in? Oh hell no. No, no and NO.

      Think of this like a lady in an abusive relationship. They have a history, but he’s been coming home drunk and hitting her (and maybe the kids). The next morning he’s always so apologetic, blames the drink, please just give me another chance. So she hesitates, but she does. And he does it again. Now, does she (Queensryche) keep that guy (Stabby) around, all history (years in the band) and children (albums) considered? No, she does not. She kicks that asshole to the curb and hopes he finds it within himself to one day grow up and join the rest of us in the real world.

      I stand by what I said. Queensryche did the best (and toughest) thing they could do. They canned the bastard and are starting over. THAT is healthy and bodes well for the long term.


      1. And just to clarify I don’t genuinely think this has been a publicity stunt. But if they reunited this quickly I would start to wonder! Don’t see that happening though, It looks like the new ‘Ryche are very happy with their new line-up (and not getting attacked by Stabby anymore).


      2. Interesting analogy Aaron and I’m forced to agree. I too think it’s courageous to do what they have done, and even Tate alludes to that in the full interview. He asks why at their ages they want to start all over.

        I have to hope it’s all for the music. I believe that Queensryche have the chemistry and talent to make one more great album, without Tate. Tate brought a lot of interesting experimental stuff to the table in the past, on albums like Rage For Order and Promised land, so I don’t want to diminish his extreme importance to the band’s history. But La Torre and the guitarist, Parker Lundgren are kind of unknown to me so I am eager to see what they bring instead.


      3. HMO, I think the biggest battle they have will be legitmacy. Tate still controlls and the old Facebook and all that stuff, he can portray himself as the legitimate Queensryche and most people will see that and assume it’s the case. They’ll recognize the guy and the voice and that’ll be enough for many.


  3. Yeah you’re probably right there… It’s definitely a gutsy move on their part. I think if Tate wants to redeem himself in the eyes of the public the best thing he could do is just step aside and stop getting in their way.

    While I love Aaron’s take on things and agree there’s no way back and definitely no excuse for Stabby being so… stabby… I’m struggling to articulate why I think this whole thing isn’t quite as clear-cut as it’s being made out to be in the press… I think I just smell a rat here and I’m not sure why! So like I said earlier, I’ll wait for new music and reserve further judgement.


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